Inside Scoop ice cream, Bangsar

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Saturday 13 February 2016 11:12 pm
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so many flavours


We had the 2 scoop ice cream with waffle, ask for an empty plate and…. now 2 plates of dessert, RM21.50 including tax

I had valrhona ice cream while good is no surprise there, on the other hand the durian ice cream is really nice

Address: Inside Scoop, also have branch in Jalan SS 22/19, Damansara Jaya, PJ & Taman Segar, Cheras

No. 9, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Mon-Thu, Sun, 12.30pm-11pm; Fri-Sat, 12.30pm-12.30am

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O & S Coffee Shop Curry Mee, Taman Paramount

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Monday 1 February 2016 2:47 pm
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O & S_Curry_Mee1

A revisit, previous visit in 2011, to eat the curry mee

O & S_Curry_Mee2

RM6.50, yummy though wishing there is more cockles

O & S_Curry_Mee3

Wanted to try yam cake in Millenium Eighty Six <mentioned in blog: Eat what, Eat where?> just walking distance away from O&S coffee shop, but the yam cake sold by an old lady is only available on Sunday ):

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Ttua Mark Pan Mee, Jinjang Utara

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 31 January 2016 3:59 pm
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Tuaa Mark Pan mee



My big portion of pinched-style pan mee, RM6.50, the noodle is very smooth, as it is rolled then torn, rather than “pinched from scratch”. The soup though is very nice, don’t feel thirsty after drinking it, plus point for having mushroom and limau. Yum~~

Tried locating this shop in Jalan Jinjang Aman 3 as mentioned in other website, but it is not on that road! In fact it is located in a small road next to Jalan Jinjang Utama. Best way to go there is that this shop is located just few shops away from Public bank, along this row of shop is also RHB bank

Overall, worth a try, a good pan mee nonetheless.

Address: Ttua Mark

Jalan Jinjang Utama, Jinjang Utara, KL

Open: 7.30am to 5pm. Closed on Mondays.

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Recipe: soy milk

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Wednesday 27 January 2016 2:00 pm
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Makes 5 to 6 big cups of soy drink, not a lot actually

300g dried soy bean, soak in water for at least 6 hours room temperature or overnight in fridge

1.7kg – 2.5kg water

sugar to taste, preferably cane sugar

pandan leaf

optional: ginger slices

1. Blend the soaked soy bean in small batches with just enough water that the blender could fully blend the soy bean, squeeze out all the liquid using muslin cloth.

2. I normally re-blend the squeezed blended soy bean for 3 times till the blended mixture looks liquidy and less opaque, meaning most soy flavor has been extracted. In this re-blending way, i don’t need to squeeze each batch too hard 😛

* Sometimes in the last blending, i blend the ginger & pandan together with the soy for more ginger & pandan taste

2. Cook with pandan leaf, ginger slices and sugar till a lot of foam surface, meaning it is fully boiled. Careful are it won’t boil like normal water do, basically sign of it boiling is a thick layer of soy foam rising and rising, and before you know it, it overflows… the foam will be a lot, refer below picture…


Yum, full of thick soy flavor, a notch up above those bought outside, especially nice when served chilled


Rocku Yakiniku, One Utama Shopping Mall

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 24 January 2016 3:40 pm
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This restaurant has branch in Pavillion shopping mall and recently on December 2015 opened a new branch in One Utama Shopping mall.

I had not high hope for this place but was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. The seafood especially is the main draw for me to visit here again in future.


some of the items like chawanmushi are not in the order chit, not sure it is supposed to be available or not :S i think it is on the buffet area, but didn’t see it when we round it one time.


Lunch Weekday 11am – 5pm: RM39.90++

Lunch Weekend 11am – 5pm: RM49.90++

Dinner Weekday & Weekend 5pm – 11pm: RM49.90++


This is the only order chit. There are more items from the buffet area but i don’t find attractive.


pork platter, 3 slice each of pork belly & pork collar


seafood platter, 3 each of mussel, prawn, salmon, squid. The salmon is really nice big cubes and boneless! The prawn are very fresh as well


beef platter, the enoki with butter is very tasty


very small grill, share amoung 5 of us, too small of a grill, and 100 minutes is quite rush. Remember to be efficient, grilling stuff quickly, as 100 minutes pass by really fast…


our neighbour ordered so much scallop, the scallop is really fresh and meaty! Yum!


We ordered too much prawn


My birthday cake

Overall, really nice and fresh seafood like scallop, prawn, boneless salmon cubes, must go!

Address: Rocku Yakiniku
Lot F355/356/357, First Floor, Rainforest, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Telephone: 03-7710 9884


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