Osaka, Japan (Nov 13-18, 2017)

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Honeymoon trip to Osaka last year~ First off, we went to redeem our free meal from Green Market restaurant in KLIA2, yum yum, so filling, above is my vege bibimbap.


Our side dishes, gyoza and agedashi tofu


and His ebi-don.


We took air asia to Osaka, we bought the ticket quite late, around 1.5 months before departure, and i think it cost us about RM2500 for 2 pax. Once arrive, we took the express train from airport to namba. The weather is really cold in mid November, walking around the street is a struggle, as my lower leg feels dry and i have to tuck my hand into jacket. At night, instead of walking to our destination directly, we have to find “refuge” in having stop(s) along the way, walking into stores to “warm” ourselves before continue the walk to our destination. Really recommend to wear long john/warm long socks underneath pants.

Rate on that time (Nov 2017) is about 100 yen = RM 3.71


Our hotel’s bathroom, we stayed in Holiday Inn Osaka <3

Address5-15 Souemoncho, Chuo, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0084, Japan

It is walking distance away from Don Quijote/famous “the running man” billboard




Our room, spacious enough


My first meal, there is a connecting 7-Eleven! Bought my egg sandwich, yum!


Walking distance away from Ichiran ramen, among the few ramen we had (this and Ippudo), i find this is more tasty, although Ippudo is more spacious and have complementary side dishes



yum, the stock and noodle, all really delicious


Ichiran order sheet


Walked a bit in 24-hours Don Quijote before calling it a day


Back to my favourite tuna sashimi shop in Kuromon morning market. so good, cold sashimi dipped in wasabi+soy, mmmm~ Some cuts are slightly better, i gotten the 210 yen ones (RM 7.80), and there are very chewy and not that enjoyable, but next day gotten a slightly more expensive one, and it is much better.




ok la, warm food on cold day, other that that, nothing much here


Piping hot takayaki from Wanaka, nice


lots of store selling dried scallop from hokaido, above is one of the cheaper one (1800 yen for 80g) ~ RM67


Scallop in a sit-in restaurant in Kuromon, this is so so, small-ish and salty. We had a much better one another day at a road side stall in Kuromon market, which has a long queue, and you eat standing.


wagyu and Kobe


This is quite good price as well, 250g for 5750 yen ~ RM 213. About same price per gram, as the smallish package i see earlier.


Ippudo in Namba


Quite nice, with complimentary drink which is nice to pair with ramen soup which is normally very salty


Our bill 1830 yen (~RM68) for 2 pax, we ordered 2 ramen, with add on 1 fried rice. I think it is slight cheaper than in Malaysia…


Kaiyukan aquarium

Mon-Sun, 10AM-8PM
¥2,300 for adults aged 16 and over
Take the Chuo line towards Cosmosquare and get off at Osakako station. It’s a five-minute walk to the aquarium from here



They look evil


shark trapped in small aquarium 😛


New discovery: 551 Horai, very yummy very paired with their spicy yellow mustard.


Pablo, we packed 1 back to hotel, disappointing to me, i find it taste more of heavy/whipped cream than cheese. 850 yen (RM31.50) for original.


Mizuno (1 Chome-4-15 Dōtonbori, Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu), one of the few Okonomiyaki (i think 3) we had. Yummy! Long line, make sure to come early, about half an hour before their opening time, else you have to wait for others to finish dining.


Scallop and pork


This is quite good as well, chilled tofu salad with sesame dressing


We walked a lot, in the cold, and till our back ache, so this is one of the break we had, eating ice cream in Doutor. Miss this, delicious dessert. I think Malaysia don’t have this kind of shop, serve match drink, and nice ice cream.


Doutor coffee shop




Luke Lobster!!! really good, and not that expensive, considering there is loads of lobster meat on it.


We had Lobster rool (US) 1580 yen ~ RM59


So good, and the bun wiped with salted butter is reallly goood as well


And this is really gooood, cake roll in Salon de Mon Cher (1 Chome-13-21 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0086, Japan). We bought 1 cut cake roll, it is not cheap, but it is yummmmm~


Hubby’s beef bowl


My kimchi rice, in a random shop


Then I had 3 plates of sushi in 元祿壽 in Shinsaibashi i think. This restaurant has lots of variety and cheaper than our sushi chain.


and this!!! this kind of green grapes, not sure what it is called, we got the above fruit basket from a supermarket, as it went on sale 200 yen (RM 74), the kiwi/persimon are bigger than the usual, but the star is definitely the grape. It does not taste like grape, it is much better, unexpected taste and very very nice. We see this is BIG supermarket, and it cost much more expensive here


Melon, taste normal, and expensive, not worth it


back to my favourite tuna sashimi shop in kuromon market


much better this time, as i got a slightly more expensive one than i had in previous day. I think this is the 800 / 900 yen ones


unagi egg


This is highlight of our trip as well. We got the 1500 yen/100g type, mid range in terms on price


The left side is ours, 3353 yen (~RM124)



So juicy, tender and nice!!!


This is the scallop shop i was talking about, much better than the previous day one


We tried japanese curry rice from a shop in kuromon, not bad.


over-rate white strawberry juice. not worth it


ice cream in random shop


One of those time, when we are very cold walking in the street at night, and just find a random shop to eat and rest our feet. This is quite a posh looking restaurant. We had chicken waffles


I had pasta, not bad.


another visit to the sushi chain, nice warm chawan mushi, which i think i had more than 1, real crab leg inside, not crab stick 😛




cheese tart in a random shop


with chestnut, so so


Rest our feet kind of visit to restaurant not in itinerary 😛 It is nice… Fugetsu, a famous restaurant chain.



We had okonomiyaki!







a side order of potato with asparagus, quite nice.


551 Horai’s siew mai, best eaten with their spicy yellow mustard




We had high hope for this grape, hoping it will be as good as the green type we had, this is such disappointment, it was just usual grape, and with seeds!

That concludes our food-filled trip to Osaka.

Food we didn’t manage to try:

1. Crepes from Cocorico Umeda, hankyu umeda (outside ticket station)

2. Umeda Sky building

3. Basement foodcourt – Kiji for Okonomayaki
Recommendation from online: show up early!! they open at 11:30 and we arrived around 11:15 and there was already a line. in Umeda Station, look for number 11 on the map. Its a small place somewhere on a corner on B1

4. Muteppou ramen, near Subway: Daikokucho, 1 subway stop from our hotel-Namba station (main branch in Osaka, having branch as far as Australia) Address: 1-5-21 Ebisuhonmachi, OsakaNaniwa-ku, Hour: 11:00-15:00 & 18:00-23:00


Lot 10 Hutong & 7th floor Tokyo Street

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Eating pork stomach soup meehoon in Hutong food court inside Lot 10, not bad. spicy enough.


And this is the highlight: 6th Avenue cheesecake, the cheesecake and the whipped served cold on a plate that has been cooled. I wish i can have this now, so good, i think this is the best cheesecake i have had, the pairing and taste are delicious.

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Hock Choon Supermarket – cheapest white button mushroom

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Hock Choon has the cheapest white mushroom i can find in KL. RM24 for 1kg, i think it is slightly higher now, but still within RM30.


Yum yum

Address: Hock Choon Supermarket
241 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Contact : +603-21420592, +603-21420792
Business hour: (Best to call ahead for public holiday as they may be closed)
Monday to Saturday 10am – 7pm
Sunday 10pm – 5pm


Nabe Korean Bakery & Cafe

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Tried Korean style shaved ice there, find it just so so, quite expensive, around RM18 if i remember correctly. The environment is nice for hangout as there is lots of seating space upstairs.

Address: Nabe Korean Bakery & Cafe
64, Jalan SS 2/67, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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Seven Pie

Malaysian Flavours

Brought Up 2 Share (they have a branch in Ampang)


Invited Review: Naughty Nuri, Desa Sri Hartamas

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Menu: They current have a set called SIMPLE MAJORITY platter (RM 222) – The platter was simply created to represent the number of seats that were taken part in this year’s GE 14.

The set contains a bit of everything, good for sharing: signature bbq spare ribs, naughty cheesy sausage, crispy baconlicious strips, crispy roast pork, cheesy nachos, cheesy truffle fries, mini mix salad, satay lilit.


Menu for Mother’s day, it is a slightly smaller menu, pricing may differs from their regular menu.


drinks menu


Yum yum, we start of with their signature roast pork salad (RM32). Refreshing vege with yummy crackling roast pork, the dressings has hints of lemongrass.


4 of us shared this lemongrass ginger fizz RM28.8, nice ginger-y drink.


Beautiful Indonesian style nasi goreng (RM30), we wiped this clean as well.


The notorious beef short rib (RM48), meat is tender, portion is very huge, 4 of us couldn’t finish this, this dish is served with their 4 sambals: sambal hijau, fiery red sambal, porky sambal, and coco sambal pedas. Spicy and very filling!


Naughty Nuri BBQ satay lilit (RM30) There are 5 pieces, this is served piping hot, yum!


For those who prefer not so meaty meal (like I am), they have salmon (RM40), available with fries or mashed potato. Yum, loves the grilled vegetables.


Finally dessert, i was a bit hesitant to try out their dessert, because dislike sugary sweet dessert. Surprisingly, both their dessert has just enough sweetness to let the rest of the flavor shine through. Above is volcano oreo cheesecake (RM30). It doesn’t look or taste like cheesecake. For me, it taste is similar to bread & butter pudding with soft cookie-like texture. When served, alcohol was pour on it, and it is flambe-ed (as seen below), the cake is chilled, tasty when eaten with the sizzling sauce on the hot plate, we polished this off.



Not satisfy with just one dessert, we had their sizzling bacon chocolate cake.  Above is the chocolate cake, server then will pour chocolate sauce on the hot plate (and it sizzlesssss, see below). This is my favourite cake among the 2 cakes, the cake is more tender. And same as cheesecake, just enough sweetness, not that sweet at all which suits my tastebud perfectly 😛



Currently they have on going promotion as above: RM 1 ribs. With a purchase of RM 135 (no.of seats won) in a single receipt, customers will be entitled to purchase their signature 1995 bbq ribs at only RM 1 (worth rm49). Very good deal!

They are also having Teacher’s Day promotion: Naughty Nuris’ teacher day

Must try in Naughtly Nuri: roast pork salad, satay lilit, sizzling bacon chocolate cake.

Address: Naughty Nuri
2, Jalan 24/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Website: Naughty Nuri’s

Business hour: 12pm till 12am every day

Phone: 016-556 4611

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