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Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Wednesday 22 October 2008 9:01 am
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Before i even continue on this restaurant review, i lost 2 food post worthy photos, not exactly lost them, i thiiiink i deleted them accidentally. Well today went to Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru(southern most state of Malaysia, Batu Pahat about 250km from Selangor) for one day meeting with customer. And one the way we stop by Tanggak (Tanggak is about 150km from Selangor, and for comparison sake, Melaka is about 120km from Selangor ). We had “kon lor mee”, and the noodle is quite “Q”, it is hand-made… and the dish is white in color, contrary to dark “kon lor mee” in KL, cost RM4 for medium size. Anyway, as far as i know, Tanggak is famous for Beef Noodle, not this dish…
On the way back to KL, we stop by Yong Peng, which is about 10km from Batu Pahat for Yong Tou Fu. Restaurant called Anthony Yong Tau Fu or sumthing…, it is so so, not extra-ordinary, costing RM0.70 per piece. 3 of us ate for RM19(3 bowl Yong Tou Fu noodle + 1 coffee) not exactly a cheap meal.
Anyway, today i have stomache upset, bout 1 hour after the Tanggak noodle, could be the noodle, or the bread i ate in the morning, so this make the loss of 2 blog-worthy-food-photos less painful, thought i am cool about this food blogging thing, never thought i will take it so seriously. You don’t know the feeling, you just have to lose it to know what you have lost… gosh… how can food make me so philosophical…
Back to main topic… Went to this Ramen store in Shah Alam this past Monday, just after leaving customer site there.

Store front, there are 2 japanese restaurant in this row of shop. Though Shah Alam HICOM are mainly factories, but they have quite a number Japanese companies/factories here, thus many Japanese works here, mostly of high position.
Condiments: Vinegar(in white pot), chili powder etc
Looking towards Kitchen
There is a comic book section if you fancy reading comic while eating, most of customers(i would say 90%) of the customers are Japanese.
Gyoza(RM9), not bad
Soy Sauce Ramen, RM10
My order of Miso Ramen, RM12
Moyashu Soba, RM11, it is suppose to be soba, but they gave Ramen, but my colleague gobble it all up since his order is last to come, and too hungry to ask them to replace it with soba.
Overall, this is place for a hearty meal, not so much delicious meal. I don’t think it is authentically Japanese, prob the Japs dine here because they don’t have much choice. This is place where you get your stomach filled pretty nicely, the portion is really big, price is reasonable.
No. 34, Jalan Sekincan,
Section 26/9,
40000 Shah Alam
Telephone: 03- 5191 2075
Price: 10% service charge


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