Six Minutes Chocolate Cake

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Thursday 23 October 2008 9:50 am
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Am for a sucker for such recipe, quirky names or unique ways of cooking/baking… So what this so called “Six Minutes Chocolate Cake”? I got it from Chow Times, said to be prepared in six minutes, not inclusive of baking time of course.
Ingredients used: Fine Grain sugar(must be fine grain, else you won’t be able to sieve it thru), vanilla, soda bicarbonate(although recipe specified baking soda, i have none specified as such, only have baking powder and soda bicarbonate, chose to use soda bicarbonate…)Van Houten cocoa powder and white vinegar
There is just this lazy sunday where i am browsing online, wanting to make something, something simple, and end up choosing this, wavering on whether to go ahead making it cos i don’t have sugar and white vinegar, turn up mum store the sugar in freezer, and white vinegar is actually used for chinese cooking sometimes.
Sieving all the dried ingredients: flour, sugar, soda bicarbonate… siever too small, i give up.
Don’t have a weighing scale, so this is what i used to measure all the ingredients, one big spoon (1TBSP is 15ml, about 15g), actually 1 TBSP of flour(dried ingredient) and 1 TBSP of oil(liquid) has not the same weight… anyway, i baked this recipe without rigid measurement. As i am going to make cup cake and not cake, thus halving the amount for each ingredients except cocoa powder, this is going to be super chocolatey… 😉
The liquid: oil, vanilla…
Put it into oven, still looking flat
Done, doesn’t it look so pretty.
Take it out for cooling, look so pretty aint it? But it doesn’t taste awesome. Mixed reviews: some say ok, some say sweet (though i already put less sugar than specified in recipe), some say dry(though i think it is moist, just that it is sticky, kinda stick to your teeth kind of cup cake, maybe cos i didn’t halve the cocoa powder)
If you interested, can go Chow Time for recipe, it takes only 10 minutes baking time for the kind of cup cake size which i making this time.
I got this cupcake mould few months back in Tesco for about RM15-20, finally put it to use. This is a shallow cup cake mould, not deep dish type.


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