Christmas Eve dinner cook out

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Thursday 25 December 2008 12:54 am
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was invited to bf house christmas eve’s dinner. Would i have give up a chance of going there early to see what is cooking, nah… hahaha, anyway took leave tat day not because of wanting to check out the food, but had been working so much lately, and wanted a break from it.

Ingredients all chopped up (onion, tomatoes etc)
Dark sweet cherry for making cherry-tomatoes-onion chutney-like jam.
Sundried tomato, an acquired taste to get used to or discern.
Chopping up smoke salmon and chives for the cream based linguine.
Meringue for cake.
Chopped up: celery, leek, carrot, onion, garlic, sun-dried tomato and chinese sausage.
Bistro brown sauce powder – sauce for roast pork.
Sweating onion till it is translucent, take care not to brown it. Add in garlic when the onion is done.
Add in some all purpose flour to make a roux, for thickening the cream based pasta sauce. Roux is more stabilised and also cheaper than using all whipped cream for the sauce.
Add in canned chicken stock(time saving option, you can make your own stock)
Boiled potato in siever
Potatoes coated with a layer of butter
Sprinkle on chopped chinese sausage, garlic and parsley.
Wat’s up with so much onion? it is for making onion-tomato-dark cherry chutney.
sweat it out till it looks translucent
Pork in the oven
Add in tomato, canned cherry in its juice, increase the heat to boil it up. This have to be cooked down to thick jam consistency.
Brown the pork till its skin is crispy.
Dreamy looking cherry
Salmon and chiven pasta sauce.
Assembling of my birthday cake 🙂 Birthday is the day before (23rd December)
Drizzle chocolate sauce on top of meringue
Coat with some freshly whipped cream, top with cut strawberry
Put a few small slop of whipped cream, then put the second layer of meringue, repeat the step, top with fresh cherry this time instead of strawberry
Gourmet sausage wrapped in streaky bacon, brushed with honey chili sauce.
Steamed String bean with stir-fried mushroom


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