Restoran Hai Kang, Sekinchan

Posted by vivien | Others | Friday 12 December 2008 12:08 pm
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This restaurant is located in Sekinchan, it is about 90km from KL City, just continue driving past Kuala Lumpur, it is bout half an hour from Kuala Selangor, turn left once pass Caltex (they will a a sign “Bagan Sekinchan”)
What we came for, Shark Porridge (this is spicy, they have clear ones too), RM13-14 for this 4-person’s portion. One person’s one cost RM5-6
Fried Shark, yummm, RM13-14
Crispy baby octopus
All the food above + 1 vege cost only RM53, more than enough for the four of us. According to the lady boss, they are 3 kinds of shark they are using here, the ones used in porridge is baby shark, white in colour, the ones used for stir fry is black species sharks (with spots), and they have another kind which is more fatty and taste oily like pork (they usually don’t serve this to customer unless requested as it is a little more fishy)… ummm, taste like pork, must try it one day.
Washroom where waste is direct to the sea 😛
Scenery next to washroom
Not far away(10 mins drive away), they are fishery companies.
019-371 6133 or 03-3241 1345
Another fishery company
Some catch of octopus, too bad we don’t know the times the fishing boat coming back and can’t buy any fresh catch.


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