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Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Saturday 3 January 2009 12:17 pm
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Do you expect to eat delicious food in Delicious? i sure don’t. It sounds so cliche. But recently, this proves me wrong, they sure do serve delicious food, and the price is reasonable, note reasonable not cheap.
Mushroom soup, yummy. RM13.90
one of the frosties, RM9.90
butterscotch shake, RM9.90, not much butterscotch in there, looks like vanila doesn’t it?
roast potato, RM9.90, sauce is yummy(could be mayo + dijon mustard + black pepper etc)
Frosty Lemon tea, RM9.90, basically ice lemon tea with some fine shaved ice on top.
vanilla milk shake, RM9.90, so yummy, taste like ice cream blended with milk without overly sweet
Antipasti platter, RM27.90
pate in the middle
clockwise: grilled seafood with roasted capsicum, asparagus, balsamic tomatoes, mushroom confit, tunisian egg plant and roasted garlic
Additional melba toast pictured top left can be ordered for RM2.90(this antipasti platter comes with one melba toast). It is crunchy and dabbed with some olive oil.
caesar’s salad, RM19.90. nice fresh juicy lettuce, with nice touch of poached egg and slivers of anchovies
carbonara, RM22.90, huge portion, good for sharing, creamy goodness
left unfinished, the pate is really a lot, couldn’t finished it, suspect they use chicken liver instead of the expensive goose liver.
This is how you eat roast garlic: dig out individual clove of garlic, smear the creamy goodness onto toast.
This is how you eat grilled squid… 😀
Peach fragipane, quite nice, warm tart served with vanilla ice cream, RM12.90
Side note: they renovate Mid Valley cafe style D’lish into Delicious, yay.
dessert galore 1
dessert galore 2
dessert galore 3
drink selections
tea time 3-tier sweets at RM59.90, sounds like indulgence
fizzies drink selection
soup and salad selection
pasta selection
reasonable priced snacks, and they comes in big portion too, good for sharing
sandwich and burger selection
dessert selection
Delicious in available in Bangsar Village, Mid Valley and 1 Utama
Website: DELIcious


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