Eat sitting on stool, Melaka (near Madam King department store)

Posted by vivien | Others | Thursday 22 January 2009 5:30 am
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This stall is located near Madam King(a departmental store in Melaka), on a dark lane between shops, above pic shown while walking from main road towards eating place.

Here is where eat sitting on stools in Malacca, they are 2 stalls here, one is recommended by 8TV Ho Chak, the other recommended by Ah Xian, we went to the Ah Xian one.

cockles and clam (RM1.50 each plate), the are boiled and cook, so you just take out the meat and dip into the appetising sauce, then throw the shells into the built-in blue container in front of you, it is all fun eating. They also serve kangkung squid, abalone slices, roast sotong chips etc. cockles doesn’t taste as bad as i though it will be.


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