Jonker Dessert 88, Maritime Archeology Museum, Melaka

Posted by vivien | Others | Thursday 22 January 2009 4:45 am
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Jonker Dessert 88 is in MAM, in fact, this eatery is filled with historic artifact being display on the wall etc. This museum is under International membership of UNESCO.  Website:
Other related website:
this is the stall selling sinfully delicious cendol
8TV Ho Chak recommend
on forefront is original cendol(RM1.70), behind is durian cendol(RM2.70). I like my original, it taste soooo gooooooooooood, the thick palm sugar really make the difference.
Ice kacang
This is where they churn out the yummylicious palm sugar, scented with fresh screwpine leaves.
cendol price list
coffee anyone
some more substantial food choice
more food
yong tau fu also available
fruit juice is cheap here(for example: 2 green apple + 2 orange + carrot + fresh milk cost only RM4)
Highly recommended


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