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Posted by vivien | Journal | Saturday 11 April 2009 1:23 am
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In continuation to my previous post Camera survey among food bloggers, i have finally narrowed down my camera selection to 3 choices, after considering few criteria including price. Since the attractiveness of the photo will in part due to skill of the photographer, and it is so expensive to buy recent releases which will prob be outdated in few years, so now am just looking to upgrade photos in this blog. Btw, i bought the pentax 5 years ago for almost RM2000, -_-“, that time 4MP is above average, now mine just look so obsoleted, the screen is 1.5 inch?!

1. Olympus Stylus 830(US)/Mju 830(known locally), sample photo: A Southern Grace
2. Olympus Stylus 840(US)/Mju 840
3. Canon SD750(US)/Ixus 75, sample photo: Confession of a city Eater
(these 3 choices are now retailing at RM799, should be able to get it fro RM750)
+ 2 option(suggested by cookengnr, A Kuchingite residing in the US)
4. Canon SD1000IS/Ixus 70, sample photo: Jom Makan
5. Canon SD1100IS/Ixus 80, sample photo: A Taste of Home Cooking,,
I have seen the Ixus 80, the button is kinda ugly…, so will probably left it out, anyway, click Digital Photography review for a side-by-side comparison of choices listed above.
Pro and Cons of the camera
– All are ultra compact, so that is a good thing.
– All are either 7MP or 8MP, sound decent 😛
– Olympus has bigger sensor size at 1/2.3″
– ISO all up to 1600
– Olympus 5X zoom, Canon 3X zoom(not much importance to me)
– Olympus macro range 3cm, Canon mostly 5cm
– Canon has very high minimum shutter speed of 15sec, Olympus 4sec/.5sec. (night scene?)
– Storage type: Canon SD/SDHC/MMC, Olympus xD picture card (any difference?)
– LCD: all are decent 2.5″ above, Ixus is at 3″ while Olympus 840 2.7″
– Olympus 830 is all weathered(slight waterproof!)
– weight: 165-175g
So here my camera research, basically i already cancel off 4th and 5th… hahaha… which one i going to get and when, still not fully decided yet. It is between Olympus 830 and Ixus 75 now. Should i sucumb to the reliable brand Canon, or should i get Olympus which has slight smaller LCD?



  1. Comment by J2Kfm — April 12, 2009 @ 11:20 am

    careful Ixus 75. the image stabilisation not that good, esp in darker conditions. plus the thin body made it hard to stabilize a shot.

    how not Panasonic? 🙂

    i’m using LX3, now retail at about RM1.5k. or you can opt for FX series, or FS series.

  2. Comment by Vivien — April 13, 2009 @ 1:51 am

    hey J2Kfm,

    i am still sooo undecided which one to get, just went i have finally sorta decide to get an Ixus 75, i got your comment… haha… just cos the xD picture card of Olympus is so much more expensive than SD.

    The camera shop did recommend Panasonic Lumix FS6 for only RM699, but i find Panasonic like Sony, the coloration is too TV, and not real life.

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