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Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Saturday 9 May 2009 6:05 am
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Heard of this pepper lunch, finally chanced upon Pepper Lunch Express in food court of Funan Digital Mall, next to hotel where we staying – Peninsula Excelsior Singapore.
Unagi which my colleague had, smell really fishy and not fresh.
I had beef Pepper lunch, they put lotsa pepper on top of the rice, just stir the uncooked beef on hot place, then chow, quite good. only about S$5.80
expensive fish soup in The Coffee Connoisseur, a famous coffee chain in Singapore, almost S$10 for this, but it does taste good 😛
Dian Xiao Er, a restaurant famed for their herbal duck.
I tapao quartered herbal duck, cost S$12.80++, expensive. They currently having promotion for dine in, if you are going Mon-Thursday, over S$50 and paying using Citibank card, you get 10% off (so many conditions eh)
Chewy Junior Pavillion, but 6 get 3 free.
really really good, chewy, cream within and above the pastry. Not too sweet, RM2.50. Above is cheese, cheese + strawberry.
Tidbits avail to Microsoft Singapore employees at tea break FOC, look what they get: unsalted macadamia nuts, dried cherry tomato, dried cranberry, almonds, mixed etc. I took some of these too 🙂
mutton curry, Microsoft Singapore Cafeteria Olio at 21st floor, about S$4.70
chicken rendang, S$4.70 (Microsoft Singapore Cafeteria)
Kunyit Fish, S$4.70 (Microsoft Singapore Cafeteria) I am getting bored of their food, all of these local meals: mutton curry, chicken rendang, kunyit fish looks almost the same, and taste about the same, will try other options there next time.
Went to Multimedia University(MMU) in Cyberjaya for lunch
Ayam Penyet, RM6, Malay meal or in this case Indonesian meals aren’t really my thing.
Shapes by Arnott bought from Singapore(4 flavors: Barbeque, Pizza, Cheddar and Cheese+Bacon) just some munching fun, find it a tad too salty. about S$6.50
Indian meal in Multimedia University (MMU) Cyberjaya, my plates of three kinds of potatoes(forefront) cost RM3!!!, next time should stick to bigger portion of just one kind of potato.



  1. Comment by Ian Tan — May 12, 2009 @ 10:49 am

    You went to MMU for lunch?

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