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Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 31 May 2009 10:48 am
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Potluck party with primary school mates, surprisingly we remain quite close after such long years, with average 2 activities each year… This time, about 13 of us turn up for potluck by the poolside of a condominium. Decided to make doughnut, above is weighted flour, melting butter(so as it will not be too warm when mixed into liquid mixture), eggs and liquid mixture(milk + water + yeast + sugar etc)
knead it till it have a smooth surface, and leave to rise
after rise(about 3.5 hours, not much difference yeah)… i have not much good experience with bread or anything doughy, it always turn out smelling slightly yeasty/sourish, and this time is no difference… why can i have soft, pillowy bread?!?! i blame it on living in a double storey, and the environment is not warm enough for them to rise properly… and there was slight drizzle yesterday… ahaha
finished product, looks like a lot right? but it is actually mini doughnut, it taste passable when warm, but get tough when cold and smell slightly yeasty and hard.
dish of the day, prepared by our chef friend… wow, taste great, never knew thyme has such strong flavor, btw, it is roast chicken with thyme and lemon, there are roasted pumpkin and potatoes to go with it.
spagetti, taste normal, but aint it look good considering it is prepared by a guy.
croquette-lookalike, but it is actually fried bread stuffed with ham… doesn’t taste good at all 😛
lion’s head, really good, prepared by someone’s one…
curry chicken
spagetti, didn’t try it
fried meehoon, and glutinuos rice
canape which looks so neat, but by the time we eat it, the crackers is soggy wet caused by the cream cheese.
oh-so-good curry puff, it looks normal, and might look too darkish, it taste really good, the pastry is not too thick, the fillings is flavorful although they is no chicken in it, and pastry is not oily and stay crispy even when it is cold, i have to ask her to teach me how to make this.
cake from Depastry chef, Manjalara, Kepong


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