Cheese Slice Cake

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Thursday 11 June 2009 10:49 am
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Went to Kepong Brem Mall’s Giant supermarket. After that, had a drink in a kopitiam-Kepong Kopitiam, consider this a Old Town wannabe, the lemon drink which i ordered is so damn fake and cost RM3.50! basically it is lemon extract/cordial mix with 1 slice of lemon, couldn’t finished it, and the above is where i left it at. This makes me appreciate Old Town White Coffee more, cause they maintain certain standard in their food, and they taste pretty good.
breakfast set from OldTown White Coffee, nasi lemak + ice lemon tea = RM5.90. If you take black coffee/tea with the nasi lemak, it will be RM4.90. You can add fried chicken to the rice for RM1.50, yummy.
Made a Cheese slice cake, ingredients: 3 slices of cheese, milk, butter, flour, 3 eggs etc, the batter is little, so the cake is thin and flat :\
Recipe for Cheese Slice cake is from hslingkitchen. Flat cake, it taste just alright, recipe by ivyaiwei is still da best.


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