Kam Kitchen, Kampung Cheras Baru

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Thursday 30 July 2009 7:01 am
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located in one of the back lanes in Cheras, above is store front of the restaurant, can’t describe the exact location of this shop, perhaps you could have some idea through the background buildings in the above photo.
Kung Po lady’s finger, slightly spicy vegetable dish, RM8
Garlic eel (2 eels are used here), RM16
Salted egg soft shelled crab, RM24(600g)
a lot of dishes available here: goose feet(RM28 for small portion), crab(RM48/kg), Hokkien Mee(RM5-single serving), frog(RM4/100g). I felt really thirsty while eating, not sure it is the chinese restaurant syndrome(MSG) or the weather.
Address: Kam Kitchen
No.6, Jalan 18, Kg Cheras Baru,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone(Contact number) 03-4296 7072 (Alvina Kam)
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Spagetti Bolognese my way

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Tuesday 28 July 2009 11:40 am
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Sick of eating the same thing during lunch, nasi lemak, WhereElse Delights mostly. So decided to make something that is meaty and nutritious 🙂 Bought 2 pack of cherry tomatoes.
Cut quite a bit of onion, sweat it out in little bit of oil(best to use olive oil)
Bought lean australian mince beef, about RM12 for 500g. lean is good, so that the bolognese won’t be oily.
cook the beef with onion till meat loses its pink colour, throw in halves cherry tomatoes.
simmer in medium fire, at this point, the color is not really appetising, i was expecting red color sauce, but instead the meat in swimming in its own brownish juice. Bolognese sauce usually requires tomato paste/canned tomatoes, i didn’t put any. Fortunately the taste is ok. I did put in canned button mushroom towards the end of the cooking process.
My breakfast and lunch. Yum~


Tesco Baking Sheet/Baking Paper

Posted by vivien | Product | Tuesday 28 July 2009 11:28 am
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Tesco greaseproof paper is my favourite when it comes to baking, as it is wider than the usual parchment paper(37.5cm versus 30cm), the most common being Glad Bake’s baking and cooking paper(price approx RM8.90), whereas Tesco is only RM4.50!!! And Tesco is 20 metres long, whereas Glad’s only 5 metres. Be a wise consumer… hahaha
Haven’t been blogging for a while, for those following this blog (perasaan, although i believe i have followers… haha), not blogging for 1 week is like reallly long, this blog is not dead, just not “inspired” to write… and lacking blogging material, more like interesting materials, at the mean time, i will blog some not so interesting stuff… lalala~~~


Recipe: Lemon Olive Oil Cake

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Monday 20 July 2009 9:58 am
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Recipe taken from Serious Eats – Lemon Olive Oil Cake. 4 eggs.
Beat the egg + sugar(recipe specified 1 cup sugar, which is about 180g, but i used only 130g of caster sugar), beat till it become pale in color and sugar melted.
result after beating sugar + 4 eggs for 5 minutes
add in 3/4 cup of yoghurt, bought this from local indian shop, homemade by them(i think). this package should be around 3/4 cup?! hehe
lemon rind from 3 lemons, remember not to grate the white part of lemon skin, else it will taste bitter.
drizzle in olive oil, make sure it is a small and steady stream, so that an an emulsion can be created. Recipe specified the success of this cake depends wholely on how good the olive oil is, but here i am using a really cheap olive oil from Cold Storage house brand – First choice, using extra virgin olive oil will prolly yield better result.
the flour mixture(superfine flour/Pau flour + baking powder + soda + salt) which been sifted 3 times.
mix the flour into liquid ingredient
continue mixing till it is well combined and not too mix too much for cake else glutens form will result in tough cake.
Bake at 160 Celcius (325F) for 40-45 minutes
Taste like a light butter cake, the lemon flavor is subtle, not as strong as i would like. Crumb is light, not bad.


Restoran Penang Nibong Tebal Seafood Porridge, Kepong, behind Carrefour Kepong

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 19 July 2009 12:07 pm
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A porridge restaurant behind Carrefour Kepong. A street behind Bel Pasto Restaurant, serving crab porridge from Penang
Crab Roe porridge, one whole crab is used for this bowl of porridge, good to share between 2 person. RM16, nice and the crab is fresh, but felt thirsty after having this bowl of porridge. Business is not so well although the porridge taste quite awesome, there is 2 type of porridge: TeoChew or normal porridge, above is Teo Chew style(rice in soup, instead of the more fine gruel type)

Post by other blogger:
Price: nett, no taxes and charges
Address: Restoran Penang Nibong Tebal Seafood Porridge
No:B-G-12, Jalan Metro Perdana 2,
Taman Usahawan,
Kepong Utama, KL.


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