Tesco Baking Sheet/Baking Paper

Posted by vivien | Product | Tuesday 28 July 2009 11:28 am
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Tesco greaseproof paper is my favourite when it comes to baking, as it is wider than the usual parchment paper(37.5cm versus 30cm), the most common being Glad Bake’s baking and cooking paper(price approx RM8.90), whereas Tesco is only RM4.50!!! And Tesco is 20 metres long, whereas Glad’s only 5 metres. Be a wise consumer… hahaha
Haven’t been blogging for a while, for those following this blog (perasaan, although i believe i have followers… haha), not blogging for 1 week is like reallly long, this blog is not dead, just not “inspired” to write… and lacking blogging material, more like interesting materials, at the mean time, i will blog some not so interesting stuff… lalala~~~


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