Too Much Food, Too Little Time ;) Eat in KL

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Monday 31 August 2009 10:23 am
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Typical food cooked by mum: squid with ketchup, my favourite bittergourd
A corner shop hawker centre near Bel Pasto restaurant. 
curry fish head, only RM10, quite good eaten with rice.
sushi packs from Jusco Supermarket, there is 20% off on some items after 7pm/8pm. It was just so-so,… the big salmon sushi platter on the left is about RM20-RM30.
1901 hotdog has “lucky 19th” on every 19th of the month, whereby you can get new york chicken hotdog/chicago beef hotdog for only RM1.90. However it was sold out when we got there at about 7:00pm :(
Choco & Coffee biscuit, RM5.90, don’t like this…
Mcnugget(6pcs) lunch deal, RM5.95, comes with fries and coke
looking at nutritional values explanation, the vertical dotted line indicates 1/3 amount of each day recommended intake.
fats of nugget: 30% of daily intake
fats of fries: 27% of daily intake, so in each value meal, you will get 57% of fats of your daily intake… It is a bit misleading for individual nutrional value of each food items, they should show nutritional value of each mcvalue meals(includes mains + fries + coke) hehe
Tau Foo Fa, RM4.50, expensive
Pappa’s wholemeal steamed with margerine and kaya, RM3.80, not fragrant enough, prefer butter over margerine
Address: Pappa Rich
No 1G, 1-1-2, 1-3A-1,
Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 1,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
52100, Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: 03- 6259 3883
Website: Pappa Rich 
Anti-aging smoothie(grape + yoghurt + etc) RM5.90 really nice, and the kaya bread is really nice too(the kaya is of coarser texture, in a nice way) RM2. One Stop Cafe, Jalan Ipoh. Refer to my previous post here.
soft boiled kampung egg, 1 Stop Cafe, Jalan Ipoh, RM2.20
economy noodle from 1 Stop Cafe, Jalan Ipoh, quite nice as well, RM2
Now there is non-vegetarian meal option in Where Else Cafe, Cyberjaya. Previously their main dish are only of vegetarian or dishes with no meat.
mushroom chicken, WhereElse Delights Cafe, cyberjaya, satisfactory, there is not much good food in Cyberjaya :P ~RM9 (comes with drinks)


Meng Kee Noodle Shop, Taman Muda, Cheras

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a noodle shop in Taman Muda, Cheras
Pan Mee with fish paste, about RM5.50, looks like maggi mee but it is actually pan mee

Fish paste noodle, ~ RM5.50, like the soup with milk
Food here is really big portion and has a homely feel with stall manned by few friendly aunties.


A Pan Mee stall in Taman Muda

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Pan Mee with fishball and meat dumpling, just so so, i prefer thicker pan mee, ~RM3.80
Morning 7:30am – 2pm
Night 6pm – 10:30pm
Public holiday/Sunday 7:30am – 3:30pm
Off on Thursday


Hair Conditioners: Tresemme, Dove, L’oreal Elseve, L’occitane

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Above is 4 conditioners in my house: Tresemme Anti Breakage, Dove’s Straight and Silky, Loreal Elseve Smooth Intense for dry frizzy rebellious hair and Loccitane Aromachologie Repairing Conditioner for dry and damage hair, it is order from left to right in order of price. Tresemme is the cheapest, Loccitane is the most expensive(which was won from eMenang Blog).
-  Tresemme is really slippery and hard to wash off, no difference felt.
- Dove is a conditioner which leave hair slightly better
- Elseve is a trusted brand which is quite good
- L’occitance is good, easy to wash off, lingering good smell(from the 5 essential oils used: angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang-ylang, patchouli).
Sometimes the more expensive stuff are just better ;P Just personal opinion, my hair is still too thick, badly need trim… growing it out now.


Sigma Heart Rate monitor to acess fitness of heart

Posted by vivien | Journal | Monday 31 August 2009 9:32 am
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Above is Sigma Sport used to measure the health of my heart, my normal heart rate is about 69, maximum reach to 164 after 25 minutes of cardio exercise in the gym, using method described in MunFitnessBlog, my heart rate is 160 at the end of 25 mins of cardio, decrease to 135 after 1 mins, and further decrease to 117 after another 1 mins, so in average my heart beat decreate 21.5 per min(normal person’s will be 15-25 beats per mins, really fit person will be above 25 beats per min) :)


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