Invited Review: Tokyo G, Sunway Pyramid

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 20 September 2009 7:45 pm
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Was invited by Revenue Valley Sdn Bhd which owns Manhattan Fish Market and Tokyo G to do a review on their latest offerings. Was both excited(first time having invited review, what can be better than having free food, and plus it is japanese, sort of… you will see…) and nervous(as i am not fond of “complicated” food, Tokyo G being a japanese fusion restaurant…) but was pleasantly surprised at their interesting and delicious offerings.

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Tokyo G (formerly known as Sushi Groove) is a hip and trend joint serving japanese fusion food, with chinese/western etc influence.

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another look at their interior

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drinks available: Bling Bling, Agent Orange(popular refreshing drink) etc.

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My bling bling, RM8.90, not too sweet, nice, bottom is reddish grenadine syrup, middle is blended pineapple etc juices, and top with selasih seed.Resize of fusion dragon

Fusion Dragon G-Roll, a roll with chili padi at the front 4 pieces, i had the pieces at the back which is filled with tempura, this sushi roll is topped with mango and smoked beef, really flavorful.

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actually dish itself, it is also topped with some fish roe, and lightly flamed from the top.

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they is also also Tokyo G Carbonara, only RM12.90, they added sesame paste and miso paste into a western cabonara dish.

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Their wasabi ice cream(white colored) and sesame ice cream(black color) is really nice. Wasabi ice cream is melow when you first eat it, but the wasabi punch that hits you afterwards is interesting(in a nice way), sesame ice cream is really fragrant, the green colored is green tea ice cream

Address: Tokyo G, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall(near the Sunway Pyramid new wing’s Jusco), they also have a branch in 1 Utama Shopping Mall(Ground floor, Oval G342 & 343)


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