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Posted by vivien | Non-Food Related | Sunday 27 September 2009 9:04 pm
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dilemma of a person who eats more than her body needs, for pure enjoyment of eating or maybe munching, moving your mouth continuously is something comforting and relaxing? haha, got the above massage slim pants from Shins, a hair and beauty shop in Mid Valley Megamall. It reputedly to lose 355kcal/1hr… losing 355kcal per hour, not day… If i am correct, 355kcal should be the calories for one roti canai(indian pan fried bread), so if i wear it continuously for 8 hours per day, i can eat 8 piece of roti canai without feeling guilty… too good to be true right? Anyway, there is so many japanese characters which i do not understands, maybe that is where the fine prints lies… cute packaging, even have a cute pig on it… nice 😀

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back of the small package

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the pants next to the package, it almost look ridiculous for me to fit in, it looks like pants for a small kid, anyway, it is quite comfortable wearing it, worn it only twice, i find this thing works in a way… anyway, i don’t wear it enough to prove its efficacy.

Bought it for RM69 in Shins, they have all sort of slimming wear, you can refer to Shin website for all types of slimming wear. However, i saw the exact same package in Taman Megah’s night market for only RM29, the stall owner say the got them from the same source, just that hers’ is end stock…

Website of Massage Slim Pants(in Japanese): stayfitstyle


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