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Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 10 January 2010 1:00 am
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mushroom soup

my favourite eatery, above is mushroom soup with a slice of garlic baguette

three cheese sandwich

3 cheese sandwich, with thick baguette like bread, very nice, RM19.90 if not mistaken

strawberry pavlova

my favourite dessert, Strawberry pavlova, baked whipped meringue topped with whipped double cream, fresh strawberry and chocolate shavings, around RM12.90… so good


Meng Kee Char Siew, Shah Alam Glenmarie

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Saturday 2 January 2010 1:45 am
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meng kee

a very famous eatery selling char siew(BBQ pork), with branch in Shah Alam Glenmarie and Jalan Alor

BBQ Pork

selling steamed chicken, roast chicken, char siew and black sausage


My plate: BBQ Pork(Char Siew) and steamed chicken, RM6.70

Business hour: Mon-Sat & Public Holiday (closed on Sundays), 9am – finish

Telephone: 019-379 3629


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