Recipe: basic sweet bun topped with cheese slice

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Sunday 28 February 2010 7:36 pm
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made this a while back, first time having success in baking bread, or bun for this matter. The bread has good soft texture, however it don’t keep well, get dry after about 2 days, maybe i didn’t put in bread improver/dough improver etc etc 😛 Recipe taken from Cheese Sticks@Oh bin, it is a chinese blog. Above is after the dough being knead for a good 15-20 minutes(approx)

have finally conquer the fear of baking bread, baking bread always seems so unattainable, i mean how does mere flour turn into soft pillowy bread with holes uniformly dotted in it… One of the secret is while mixing the flour with liquid ingredients(egg etc) to form into dough above, it will be very wet initially(almost seems like it is not going to hold together), but be patient, don’t add more flour frantically into it, but just continue to work it in a bowl, it will gradually become more workable(less wet), the later turning the dough onto a working surface, give it a good 15 minutes knead till it pass the window pane test(or almost passing the window pane test) which is stretching a little  bit of the dough on your hand, and you will actually be able to see light thru the dough, meaning gluten(bread structure) has developed nicely, and the dough is “elastic” enough to form a good soft bread. If it doesn’t pass the “window pane test”, you just have to knead it longer before letting it rise.

after 1 hour proof

after the first rise(about 1 to 2 hours) under humid area. I put it near the front porch where the sun shines in

with cheese

shaped into bun, give them another 1 hour or so rise(second rise), brush egg wash, quartered cheese on top, and leave some buns plain as it is.

after baked

finished products, nicely joined to each other

soft bread

nice soft texture

Recipe source: Oh Bin


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