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Posted by vivien | Journal | Wednesday 25 August 2010 8:26 pm
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I love browsing in supermarket and also departmental store selling kitchen ware. One of the kitchen ware i wish to have is microplane, zesting orange and lemon going to be much easier. I read somewhere that microplane originally are metal equipment used to smoothen surfaces, but later it found its way into kitchen being a sturdy zester for parmesan cheese, citrus fruit etc.

digital kitchen scale, yet to have one…

measuring cups, wish to have a set of these too, just found out they are digital measuring cups too 😛

maybe a Le Creuset too, a french manufactured cookware, it can be put inside oven, sorta like pyrex. Other than the normal orangey color Le Creuset pot, they actually now selling baking cups and ramekins too. Good for making cheese/chocolate souffle, one of my to-make dish in a quite distant future… hahaha

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