Movenpeak Steamboat, Ipoh Parade, Perak

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Movenpeak Steamboat in Ipoh Parade


Set for single person


Seafood Set, RM19.80, too big for a person portion, can be shared, comes with crab, balitong, mussels, squid, crabstick etc


Overall, i never like steamboat where each person having own soup pot, i find the soup of such places are usually just full of seasoning/MSG…

Address: MovenPeak (also a branch in Ipoh Parade)

12A, Jalan Chin Choon Sam,


30450, Ipoh, Perak.

Telephone: 05-2532 218/2533 218



Nathalie Gourmet Studio Macaron Class, taught by Nathalie Arbefeuille

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Monday 16 August 2010 1:00 am
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Macaron Class taught by french chef Nathalie who heads Nathalie Gourmet Studio in Solaris Dutamas(near Solaris Dutamas Pappa Rich) We were taught to make 3 kinds of macarons: Chocolate Macaron with chocolate ganache, macarons with raspberry fillings and those with salted caramel fillings. Love the selection, had been wanting to know how salted caramel taste like.

Macaron base has 4 main ingredients: ground almond, icing sugar, egg white and caster sugar. Almond meal + icing sugar which has been broken up in a blender and sieved again to make sure it is airy and lump free.

We start off making a paste using ground almond+icing sugar+cocoa powder+egg white + valrhona chocolate! valrhona is like the Creme de la Mer in the choco-world, with 70% cocoa butter, cost RM100 plus per kg), unlike previous macaron baking with rohani jelani, Nathalie uses a Italian method of making macaron, it is slightly more complicated as it uses a sugar thermometer in certain stage of mixing to ensure the mixture is in certain temperature or range of temperature…


Nathalie showing up how to pipe macaron


pipped chocolate macaron shells, ikea placemat come in handy


piped macaron shells


meringue for salted caramel macaron. Piping caramel coloured macaron shells


Yeah~ we were given some lovely dessert: some profiterole/cream puff lookalike, but with hard sugar glazing; and chocolate mousse with chestnut puree


making chocolate ganache using valrhona chocolate buttons and whipped cream, nathalie shared with us that she uses President brand whipped cream as some other whipped cream contains stabilizers. melting the chocolate button with warmed whipped cream. We also made raspberry jam and salted caramel, this is interesting, didn’t know that you can actually heat sugar, just sugar, no water in a pan, and it will melt and turn into caramel color, bubbling violently.


filling in the chocolate ganache


pretty chocolate macarons


pipping in raspeberry jam


pretty as well


assembling caramel macarons


salted caramel macarons


une, duex, trois flavors


Nathalie Arbefeuille


packing up, each of us got 12 to bring home.

I love Nathalie’s pick of macaron flavor for the class, they are unique(salted caramel ones, with sea salt added)… She have tested that if she further reduced sugar amount by 10g for the macaron shells, the macaron shells won’t hold its shape well, and the texture will be different. There is good balance of sweetness in the macarons, all the filling are not sweet, to balance up with the sweet macaron shells. However, i will probably use French method of making macaron shells which is easier (don’t have to buy sugar thermometer), but will use Nathalie’s recipes for the fillings(salted caramel and chocolate are the ones i’ll probably try to make)

Nathalie Gourmet Studio is an interesting restaurant, only open from 9am – 6pm, closed on Sundays and their menu changes every month!

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Have You Cake  and Eat It Too

My previous macaron baking with Rohani Jelani

Website: Nathalie Gourmet Studio

Address: Nathalie Gourmet Studio

Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio

A-4-1-5 Dutamas Solaris,

Jalan Dutamas, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone: 03-6207 9572


Invited Review: Sri Kulai Microwavable Frozen Ready-to-eat Meal

Posted by vivien | Product | Sunday 15 August 2010 8:35 pm
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I was given 3 packs of Sri Kulai products to try out, above is their best seller – dim sum with chicken soup(prawn and chicken siu mai), RM7.90. taste quite good, ready after popping into microwave for 4 minutes


Limited edition Ramadan dishes: Ayam Gulai Lemak Tradisional (Traditional Gulai Lemak Chicken) and Ayam Kurma Tradisional (Traditional Chicken Kurma) RM7.90 each, still in their frozen state


ready to be eaten, i cooked it for approx 11 minutes in the microwave to get it really warm and defrosted, although the package specified only 6 minutes. Prefer the flavorful yellowish Gulai Chicken, the kurma chicken could use a stronger and bolder gravy. i don’t like the texture of the potatoes in both dishes, it is just different after being frozen i guess.

Sri Kulai microweable food are available in Tesco, Jusco and Sri Kulai kiosk in Jaya One, PJ. They also selling microwavable nasi lemak, curry chicken, sambal prawn, roasted chicken, nasi lemak with rendang chicken, spaghetti bolognese etc.

I like that there is no preservatives and added MSG in their range of products.

Telephone: +60-3-6272 1707

Manufactured by: AYS Sdn Bhd

No.16&18, Jalan Tembaga SD5/2H,

Bandar Sri Damansara,

52200 Selangor

Website: AYS Sdn Bhd

Blog: Sri Kulai Ready to Eat Meals

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Citrus Juice Extractor

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easy-to-wash citrus juicer from Kenwood, only RM98 in Jusco. The motor(lower right) will turn when pressure is applied on it.


my favourite, much easier to wash than the conventional juice extractor.

Update: 15 June 2013: this is useless, it frequently jam and not moving/rotating…


Delicious Read – The Delicious Times

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Wednesday 11 August 2010 9:12 pm
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mag published by the delicious group


food ingredients sold in “Delicious Ingredients” gourmet food store in Dua Annexe branch(Jalan Tun Abdul Razak) and Bangsar Village branch

Website: The Delicious Group


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