US Online Shopping using Comgateway DHL Delivery service, deliver to Malaysia

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CSN Store approached me to write a sponsored post(the post is kinda sneaky eh, it looks like something i would write but it is actually sponsored…haha…), and in turn gave me US$6o gift certificate to be used on their online store – CSN Stores, at first not sure what to get, but later decided on a digital scale by Kitrics, it is the cheapest digital kitchen scale in their website at US$19.99, and a Icing/Piping bag by Fox Run(at US$29.99), adding up some delivery fee to be almost US$60. One downside is they only deliver to Canada/USA address.

For some time, i have been wanting to try to buy clothes etc from US sites and have it shipped to Malaysia, having researched the shipping rate from US to Malaysia, also missing the days of buying stuff from Ebay Canada, Malaysian ebay just full of nothing 😛 …Having registered for Comgateway but never used it, this is the chance to try out comgateway without spending $$ on shopping, and just pay for delivery charge from US to Malaysia.

Below my review using ComGateway. The reason i use such service because CSN store only ship to US and Canada. Comgateway will give you a US address(in Oregon state) after online registeration, and you get to use this US address as your shipping address when shopping in US sites. This is useful for shopping in site which doesn’t do international shipping or ship to Malaysia.


Above is Comgateway user interface. They will send a notification email once any package reaches your US Address. They is 2 packages as above, clicking on “Track” will redirect you to DHL delivery tracking system.


For each package, they is an volumetric weight, actual weight and chargeable weight. Volumetric weight is the dimension of the package box, “Chargeable weight” is the nearest greater 0.5kg of the greater weight value(volumetric weight & actual weight). It is advisable to ask your supplier/shopping site to pack the package to be as small as possible so that the volumetric weight will be low. My icing nozzle set in actual is only 0.34kg only, but it is packed in a big box causing the volumetric to be 1.17kg -_-“, and thus chargeable weight became 1.5kg


Above is DHL Tracking. It is actually considerably cheaper to ship stuff to Singapore than Malaysia, as base charge for SG is less, but i can’t wait to receive my packages


2 packages


Kitchen scale packed in a bubble envelope, with Tare function, and also able to weigh in gram/ounce, only US$19.99!


See, the icing nozzle packed in a super huge box stuff with bubble foam and paper, i think the stanless steel nozzle will have no problem surviving in a bubble wrap envelope


contains 4 cloth piping bag and 7 18/8 stainless steel tips, time for some macaron experimenting, reason i bought the above 2 items also because wish to make macaron in a more precise and better way.

Overall, i am satisfy with Comgateway service, because they consolidate charges, meaning, i only have to pay base charge of US$ 20.75 once for my 2 package, not sure other forwarder do the same. Every subsequent 0.5kg is US$3.25. Total $30.5 plus obout $US1 of insurance, total about US$31.50(almost RM100) for shipping charge, paid using PayPal

Reference site:

Comgateway, they send item using reliable DHL service

Vpost, popular service provided by Singapore Post for buying stuff from US, i think

Other than the popular one above, they are also Borderlinx, vsHub, Tarazz, Bizsouq


Beauty Expo 2010 and Epicure Malaysia 2010

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Beauty10 Expo, they have a hair competition going on. The traffic inside the fair is not as congested as last year, perhaps due to them charging RM10 entrance fee. Just browsing, nothing much interesting, they have some cheap hair curlers, sheet mask, eye mask, nail polishes etc. My previus post on Beauty9 Expo


elegant lady with heavy hair piece


Chilis Menu, heard that Chilis in KLCC is better than other branches, so we went ahead, sure enough there is a 20-30minutes wait.


Rockin Jack Nachos with jalapeno pepper, sour cream, tomato salsa (plus extra order of  guacamole) ~ RM25, satisfying cheesy, enough to feed two.


Epicure Malaysia 2010 in Sime Darby Convention Centre. Definition of Epicure from google: a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink). Find the fair to be small, just like last time i went which is year 2008, and low profile, not much publicity of this fair. My previous post on Epicure Malaysia 2008

Website: Beauty10 Expo & Epicure Malaysia 2010

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Starhill 3.6 the best tea break in town-Shook & Fisherman Cove

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Starhill RM3.60 tea break promotion is still on, think they tentatively set the ending date for this promotion till end of this year. Above is Shook menu, they have make changes to their menu compare to previous menu, some of my favourite are still there-grilled cumberland 8-inch sausage


they also have additional chef specials and special beverage menu which are more than RM3.60 like chocolate fondue, sashimi, tiramisu etc


sausage still as filling and huge as before, very nice


tuna egg mayo sandwich, they ran out of clam aglio-olio and pepperoni pizza at just 3pm plus?!


above fisherman tea break menu, with addition of grilled lamb etc


additional chef’s specials menu and special beverage menu


carbonara with mushroom, big portion, i think they use whole wheat spaghetti, it tasted a bit harder but nice


coffee and earl grey tea, cube sugar at the back


soya pudding, delicious, served with cincau(herbal jelly) and gula melaka(palm sugar)

Their tea break is from 3pm-6pm, everyday including weekends, reservation only available for weekdays, most items priced at RM3.60

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mystyl3mylif3 (in chinese)

Address: Shook/Fisherman Cove

LG1, Starhill Gallery,

181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,

KL is 2 years old

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time flies, it is two years anniversary of this blog. At time i do wish that i started blogging about food since university, as i did have a blog then of what i eat at home hosted in then, my favourite blog then was Chocolate & Zucchini, miss the food in Canada especially poutine and caramel apple, which i don’t seem to see any in Malaysia… they are chilli fries here, just no poutine, and btw, the logo on top of this blog supposed to be poutine, but my friend who drew it added hotdog and stuff onto it, and she supposedly draw me in a bathtub filled with poutine, and with a cooling pad on the forehead because the tub is too hot
I started writing this blog as i was getting bored with work… it is nothing related to what i like most or most comfortable with… as i cook occasionally, love eating, watching cooking show since school days, love browsing my dad’s cook book which is very detailed and full of pictures, men in my family are actually better cooks, was at a cross road of deciding what to study after high school, thought of studying cooking, went to a education fair, i think it is fair mainly of cooking school, i remembered Flamingo being one of the school…  it was an odd choice to study things food related, never knew the job options of studying culinary… so went on with my second choice-IT, later on while in university, realizing that the F&B world has very odd hours, working weekends, pastry chef working wees hour churning out dough and pastries for the next day :\
This second year i had more invited review, in fact the first invited review Manhattan fish market is on the 2nd year of blogging… It is sorta love hate relationship. I love getting free stuff, free food included. But i do enjoy the freedom of speech reviewing food which are paid for ownself or bf :)… But it gets a bit different(at least for me) when you are reviewing stuff or food you get for free, i tend to be less critical, not revealing the bad point of the food etc… A while back read an article, couldn’t find back that same article, but it is similar to, mostly point 4. “We will disclose gifts, comps and samples”… Some ppl said food blogger should reveal whatever freebies that is given to them in their blog post, while some argue reviews restaurant/product given for free should be avoided… too bad i couldn’t find back where is the exact post, i think it is a quite well known US food blog, she said that if she were to pay for everything that she reviewed, it would cost a lot, and not afford to do it, i agree… hehe… it is always nice to be able to try new food and products… As long as blogger disclose gifts/complementary meal etc that he/she received, i find it is ok, just take the review with pinch of salt
Statistically, over period of 1 year, readership have increased from averagely 80 per day to now averagely 300 per day. Thanks for all the support… hehe…

Reference to dishwithvivien was 1 year old, someone commented that there should be more food blogs who critize restaurant, not only say good things and praises to what they have tried. And yes being to more invited reviews now :P, i tend to skimp on the negative side, or maintain neutral and not having any opinion to their food although the bood is nothing spectacular or bad, but if you get my hints in those posting, i might not say it is bad… but i will “critise” certain elements of the dish et cetera… looks like this blog is not gonna be like the scary food critique in ratatouile. However they are few blogs which i find are quite honest in their reviews. Some of the food blogs that i like are: Pillow Talk with Bangsar-bAbE, thenomadGourmand, vkeong etc


Duri House, homey Korean food in Plaza Mont Kiara, KL

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Duri House, a hidden Korean food joint in Plaza Mont Kiara, it is situated next to a Korean supermarket


Above Bibimbap in hot stone pot, RM15, and Tofu soup, RM13, tasted homey. There is no other customer other than us. I am guessing this restaurant only cook for Korean who work in the supermarket 😛


Korean supermarket


Storeroom next to the supermarket, boxes of Xin noodle, and cartons of toilet paper from Korea.




menu again


Menu in Korean and Chinese

Address: Duri House Korean restaurant, Plaza Mont Kiara, it is located on floor below Subway, near a hairdressing salon


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