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Posted by vivien | Journal | Monday 27 February 2012 9:22 pm
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Is Milo getting less chocolatey and more milky&oily? Used to love drinking Milo every morning but find it not as good as before, anyone find it so as well?
I am talking about “Milo kosong” not those 3-in-1 packets.
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Home Cooked Lunch and Dinners

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Monday 13 February 2012 7:13 pm
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BBQ pool side birthday dinner party in Hartamas, super yummy and moist pork ribs, the pork sausage is a tad salty though


mini cupcakes from wondermilk which is too sweet, the chocolate cake and carrot carrot from Celicakes bakery(Hartamas) is far from fabulous. The chocolate cake is too light and without substance, whereas the carrot cake is too dense.


Yummy salmon spaghetti cooked by bf, with dried chilis, some dried chilli paste (those used for dried pan mee), an odd tomato, white mushroom etc.


Korean pan Mee and Crab session in bf’s sis place

From top left: fried minced pork, chili sauce, shallot oil, and 2 plates of crispy anchovies.


Big aluminium pot filled with water to cook the pan mee, and a colander full of vege


Crab cooked in own juice and brandy, and perhaps some sea salt is added as well, simple and yummy~


Dining Table


Pork marinated in brandy, simple and succulently moist and delicious


Watermelon blended with ice, refreshing


Christmas pot luck lunch with turkey


Other goodies includes salad, BBQ ribs, spaghetti in the covered pots and bought yam cakes. Not in picture is Suchan dessicated coconut covered carrot cake which is supernice, light and tasty


Christmas potluck dinner with 3 baked chickens, looks wonderful


Bacon and cheese quiche, RM30, you can order it from Pig Out Deliveries, homemade non-halal goodness delivery service


Other goodies from christmas potluck dinner party includes cream-cheese-mayo filled tortilla, yummy egg plant roll, roast pork belly from Pig Out Deliveries, spaghetti with tomato meatsauce, salad and mash potatoes


Table-For-Six fine dining cooked by bf’s sis


Appetiser: Very fresh prawn bought live from Unique seafood Restaurant served with spicy refreshing relish (a mix of cilantro, lime juice, onion etc)


Another amuse-bouche style spaghetti cabonara served with tobiko fish roe, a satisfying small portion without being cloying


Palate cleaner of pickle papaya


Lamb shoulder


served with same relish and refreshing mixed vegetable of pickled papaya, cucumber and lettuce


Yummylicious lamb shoulder


Dessert: sticky chocolate cake served with chocolate sauce and two pieces of waffle biscuit filled with nutella sauce in the middle


2 fish head noodle: Restoran Yum-Me-Place(Bukit Damansara) & Tao Xiang Claypot fish head noodle(Jalan Tiong Nam, near Chow Kit)

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Wednesday 8 February 2012 6:35 pm
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Fish head noodle stall


Pork noodle also being sold here


My fish paste noodle, not the best but is adequately satisfying, around RM5


Second fish head noodle:

One of my favourite fish head noodle place, situated in Jalan Tiong Nam, near Chow Kit area, this place is open everyday from 6am to 6pm.


One cons is this place is very hot, be prepared to be fully drenched in sweat while having this gastronomic delight.


Medium sized claypot fish head noodle, RM12, good for 2, filled with fried beancurd, yummy yam pieces, fish balls, fried fish, tomatoes etc, very delicious~~

Address: Restoran Yum-Me-Place

7 Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: early morning till 2pm

Post by other blogger: Yum-Me-Place

The Ruthless Eater

my Tummy n’ I

Address: Tao Xiang Claypot Fish Head Noodle

No 2, Jalan Tiong Nam, 50350 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hour: 6am to 6pm everyday

Telephone: 019-366 1540

Post by other blogger: Tiong Nam


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