Recipe: Chocolate Guinness Cupcake

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Sunday 8 April 2012 8:36 pm
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Recipe taken from Confessions of a City Eater. Above is before baking, need to bake 20 minutes in 180 Celcius/350F

Due to i am more use to gram instead of cups measurement, below are the converted amount which i used

245 gram of flour

260 gram of sugar (originally recipe stated 2 cups of sugar which is about 350gram sugar <1 cup caster ~ 175gram>, cupcake i made is really not sweet enough, some may like it this way, but i find can increase the sugar a bit)

120 gram cocoa

230 gram yogurt which is strained on a cheesecloth for over 12 hours in fridge(from 2 small container of yogurt) to substitute sour cream, reason of leaving it on cheesecloth is so that the consistency will be thicker to resemble sour cream

110 gram of cooking oil

250 gram of guinness stout (1 can of guinness stout i weight it to be 300gram including the weight of can, so pour till only 50gram left in the can)


Guinness stout and others after putting the first batch of cupcakes into the oven, time to rest and take some pic 😛


after 20mins in 180 Celcius, flip the pan inside out halfway to even out heat on the cupcake.


about 25 of them

Overall, the Guinness stout taste is very subtle. However, could it both the beer and yogurt which make this cupcake very moist and with light texture. A keeper for its texture, not so much for the flavour, it is quite a light chocolate cake, not a decadent one.


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