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Posted by vivien | Recipe | Sunday 13 May 2012 10:03 pm
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Made 2 banana cakes from 2 different recipe today, one of them is from masak-masak (a malaysia food blog) and the other from Food52.

From the photo in both websites, i am more inclined towards Food52’s recipe will produce a better banana cake as it looks more like banana cake i usually buy from market, brownish cake with black specks all over, masak-masak’s one seems denser with chunkier banana bits and lighter in colour.

But surprisingly, the one i made from masak-masak is identical to those i bought from market, it turn out brownish as if brown sugar was used, but i used only caster sugar, but it is a tad too salty with 1 teaspoon salt added, next time will reduce to half a teaspoon salt or resort to using the less salty sea salt instead of table salt. I reduced sugar to 12og from originally 6oz(170g). I used only 4 small bananas which weight in total 125 grams instead of 8oz(226 grams) specified.

As for Food52’s recipe, I don’t know if it is the egg size or the banana size, i had 2 attempts on Food52, the first turned out too dry and bread like, i can hardly mix the flour into the liquid mixture, and into the bin it goes. The second one, well, i was careful and put in only like half the flour, but also given the egg i used is small-ish, and i used 3 small bananas instead of 3 big ones specified in the recipe, but still can’t imagine how i am to mix all those flour in, perhaps have to used the largest egg available in supermarket, and also the larger bananas, but oh well, for now, i will stick to masak-masak’s recipe.


Banana bought 2 days ago and left to ripen further


4 bananas used for masak-masak’s (about 125 grams)


egg and sugar


mess on the table after putting the cake into the oven


Finished product, looks hard and tough, but later found out it is nice 🙂


bottom of cake


yummy, just a tad salty though


Below are using Food52’s recipe:


This is second attempt on Food52’s, the first one turn out doughy and hardly able to mix the flour into liquid.

Only 1 egg used in the recipe. Above are egg, 3 banana and sugar(around 100g sugar) since i know won’t be mixing in all the flour.


Still so much left over flour (total 2 cups ie 280g flour)


doesn’t look nice


bottom of cake


too sweet for me, i will give this a miss


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