Cameron Highland 1 day 1 night trip

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We left KL Friday night for Cameron, and left Cameron around Saturday late afternoon back to KL, a very impromptu trip decided on a day of two before, stayed in 2nd floor of shop house converted into a spacious apartment with 3 rooms. 2 of the bedroom are with 2 queen size beds, while the other one with a single queen size bed.


spacious hallway


kitchenette with a toilet next to it


Yummy noodle with sourish soup for breakfast


Visited an orang asli settlement which will leads to rafflesia blooming area – Temiar Rafflesia Sanctum


The ugly light color on the left in rafflesia yet to fully bloom


Rafflesia “past its prime”


Old Frens Cafe for lunch


Fried beancurd sheet with fish paste


Fried vermicelli


Fried rice


Steamed kampung chicken


Fried paku


Tofu (soy beancurd)


On the way back from Cameron to KL, we took the old way through narrow road leading to Tapah town, stopped by Hutan Lipur Kuala Woh


The water is crazy hot in some spots of the river bed, cold water flowing from upstream will become hot when passing through this area.



Bakso stall in Tapah town



Beef meatball with pepperish soup, not bad




A very popular food stall


Tanjong Sepat Day Trip

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We took MEX highway passing through Putrajaya, Dengkil, Banting to reach Tanjong Sepat, just like previous visit to tanjung sepat on May 2011.


Above is BMX bike field in Putrajaya Extreme Park


Breakfast in YiKee restaurant, above is fish paste in salted vege soup.


Mixed meat and seafood(prawn + fish slices) in bak kut teh soup. A satisfying breakfast. yummy!


Visited Joo Fa Trading which produce coffee  from locally grown coffee bean.


coffee beans


Lim, the boss of this place dressed in blue looking on while photographer friend prep the place for taking the perfect picture.


Stand-in model dressed in orange, while the boss waited on the side for the perfect shot.



Map to Joo Fa Trading


As informed by the boss of Joo Fa, we went to a coffee shop nearby which uses their coffee beans, tasted smooth and very nice.


Next stop is famous lover’s bridge, next to it is a small passionfruit plantation, we bought ice blended passion fruit drink.


very yummy


Fishing boat docked by lover’s bridge



kids playing in the sea trying to catch fish without success


Went to Yek Loong which turns out to be a small fish ball producing shop, nothing much here


Ocen seafood restaurant tofu soup, very tasty


Oyster omelete is very delicious, crispy omelette with delicious oyster


Clam in superior soup


Recipe: Scone

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Ingredients: cubed butter, eggs, flour, sugar, milk mixed with lemon juice etc. Recipe is from Kimberlycun’s – NARCISSISM IS NECESSARY.


Milk curdled after lemon juice is mixed in, the brownish stuff is vanilla.




butter all cut into the flour using  a pastry cutter.


looks crumbly and dry, perhaps i should use a bigger egg or more liquid?


brush with egg wash on top


220C for 10mins and done


closed up of the scones, mine doesn’t look as good as those of kimberlycun’s

Scone is one of my to-make pastry, mostly i remembered when i was really young, i was served a scone which is really nice, piping hot and smells of hot milk/butter and is light and not heavy, it was really good served warm on its own without any jam or butter.

And now that I bought a pastry cutter from Ace hardware for about RM25 wishing to make one flaky yummy scone, and this pastry cutter have been sitting there for months and not put to use. Kimberlycun’s – NARCISSISM IS NECESSARY site do show a decent scone which doesn’t requires heavy cream or buttermilk which lots of other scone recipe requires, and seems to contain less butter and sugar as well, ok time to make scone.

Things i will take note for the next scone recipe

1) the pastry will look quite crumbly due to fact that i am worry that i might overworked it, but i think i need to press it together more next time. I think i might have under mix the dough after all as some part of it feels very crumbly and dry whereas some part feels more moist.

2) will use a more defined cutter next time to get better and neater rounds.

3) will cool the milk+lemon+vanilla in fridge for a while so as to not mix warm milk into the pastry, i am guessing this will produce better scone? 😛

4) make higher scone with smaller diameter, i think they will look nice taller. I actually made this recipe on 2 separate days, and for the second recipe, i remembered of making thicker/higher scone only after i rolled out the pastry… gah… next time

Second attempt:

I used 2.5 teaspoon of baking powder(following the “golden” proportion talked about in Food52 of baking powder vs flour ie 1 teaspoon for 1 cup flour ie 140g flour) instead of the original specified 2 teaspoon.

For now, i will resorting to thinking that scone can only be really good when served warm and/or with jam+cream+butter.

This scone has slight milk/butter aroma, not bad, just not spectacular.


Tarbush Middle Eastern Restaurant, Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang

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Bought a Everyday living social deal for Tarbush, RM65 for 2 pax, a satisfying meal, it is so much cheaper considering i was there almost 4 years ago and we paid more than that for 2 pax. It includes below:

1 Appetizer (choose from : Tarbush Hommus<chickpea>, Baba Ghanoush<eggplant mixed with tomato etc>, Mutabal<eggplant mixed with white bean etc> & Labne<cottage cheese>)

1 Main course (choose from Maklouba (Lamb/Chicken)<eggplant spiced rice with meat>, Bamyeh with White Rice<okra lady’s finger stew>, Kofteh Stew with White Rice (daud basha)<meatball stew with rice> & Biryani (Lamb/Chicken))

1 Grills (choose from Spicy Shish Tawook<grilled chicken cube>, Shish Kabab<grilled lamb mince> & Grilled Spring Chicken)

1 Dessert(choose from Mahalabia<milky cream dessert with sprinkles of pistachio>, Cream Caramel & Fruit Platter)

2 Soft Drink (choose from 7up, Miranda Orange & Pepsi)


Free pickles for nibbling(that’s is raw chilli padi which is very spicy), nonpitted black olives, cucumber and some pickles


Tarbush hummos which is very fragrant with sesame, a tad salty but very nice.


Complementary bread, it would be better if the bread is warmed.


Lamb Maklouba(rice is cooked with eggplant/tomato) with yoghurt on the side, lamb is warm and flavorful, rice is very big portion, i think i would have preferred briyani rice as this rice taste of cumin/fennel, quick a distinct spice scented rice.


Lamb kebab, moist and piping hot from the grill, taste good


Fruit platter


appetizer menu


main course/rice menu


grills menu


dessert menu

part of the drink menu

Overall, i find this is a good deal from living social as the portion served is normal portion and not sized down, a filling and satisfying meal.

Address: Restaurant Tarbush Delicacies Sdn Bhd (they have 1 branch in Penang and 3 branches in Klang Valley: Starhill, Sunway Pyramid and one along jalan Bukit Bintang main road)
No. LG 16, Lower Ground floor, Starhill gallery,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100, Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone: 03-2144 6393

Website: Tarbush

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