Recipe: Pumpkin Waffle, Bittman Overnight Waffle & Chocolate Waffle

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Sunday 5 August 2012 7:25 pm
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Recipe taken from:

Pumpkin waffle from Confessions of a City Eater

Mark Bittman Overnight Waffle from BigOven

Chocolate Waffle from Confessions of a City Eater

For some reason, like the bitman overnight waffle better, could be I used butter+canola mixture for it whereas using canola only for the pumpkin waffle. Also, pumpkin was my first attempt in waffle making and the initial ones tasted very eggy as I undercook them and took them out while not crispy yet.


Pumpkin Waffle recipe


egg white, pumpkin+milk etc mixture, flour mixture


all mixed, i beaten the egg white till stiff peak stage making it very hard to be fully combined into the pumpkin and flour mixture resulting in egg white pockets as seen above.


making pumpkin waffle


very eggy as i underfilled and under-cook the above, although it look very browned above


nicer ones towards the end whereby i baked the waffle till there is no more steam from the waffle machine. Although very light and quite nice, i find this must be eaten with syrup or other condiments, too plain to be eaten by itself


Overnight waffle recipe using yeast instead of baking powder. Have to be left overnight for the yeast to fully work itself in the batter.


after mixed


next day, the batter have risen a bit as compared to above pic, mix egg yolk into the mixture


beat egg white till soft peak




i find it alike to belgian waffle, rich with buttery taste.


Mark bittman overnight waffle looking good above


Chocolate waffle is the last i am going to experiment on this waffle saga


making the waffle using Cosway Empress waffle machine


My least favourite, tasted so so and the texture is kinda dense.

Among all of the above, the pumpkin is the lightest, with bittman’s overnight waffle coming on second with its rich buttery taste, chocolate i find is the most dense.


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