Fitology fitness centre, Bangsar (near Bangsar Village)

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Went for a first trial session RM110 about 2 weeks ago (30 minutes personal training + 30 infra red sauna + 1 big cup of cold yummy smoothie + 30 minutes massage) Read about this gym/fitnesss centre in Nicole Chocoa Heaven. It is somewhere inside a small narrow road next to Petronas near Bangsar Village. The 30 minutes personal training is quite informative considering i have not gone thru one before, learning that plank is actually an exercise instead of a silly plank picture. I did try to practice plank at home, but just don’t think i am doing it right and hurt my back (a mirror would have helped and if only i have watch this YouTube earlier), now is keeping to swimming for minimal stress on the back.

But it is pretty cool if can master plank, you can basically exercise anywhere… one day… and 1 minute is enough to have you feeling tired


Infra red sauna


Water within, have to keep dehydrated inside, they are even magazine inside


Very cold and yummy smoothie, i choose “Energising” which is orangey




Quite expensive, just for one time experience.

9 Jalan Riong, Off Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

Tel: 03 2201 4311

Website: Fitology

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Recipe: 孟老师 香酥干果派 (Walnut Raisin Pie)

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Went to pie demo in Sin Chew Jit Poh by the famous Taiwanese dessert master: 孟老师

Tasted the pie in the demo and it is really delicious, went to buy the pie plate with exact measurement in Publika.


Ingredients for pie pastry: unsalted butter, icing sugar, egg, cake flour and almond meal


done, wrap in saran wrap and ready for resting in fridge


now for almond filling: dark brown sugar, butter, egg, almond meal and 2 teaspoon of cake flour


pie pastry lined into pie plate, almond filling ready to be filled into pie


filled, the mixture is not very emulsified, the butter the slightly separated, but i guess it will be ok


time for the walnut raisin topping, with egg and sugar added in as well to allow the mixture to slight stick to each other when baked, and sugar to offset the bitterness of rum


Pie baked with almond filling


topped with raisin walnut  mixture


grate leftover pastry which is frozen onto top of pie, sorta like crumble pie, but here it look like cheese eh?




cross section




Just like what 孟老师 said, this kind of aluminum pie plate doesn’t conduct heat well, resulting in bottom of pie which is not browned nicely. Option would be to remove pie from plate and further bake with direct heat from bottom of oven.

This is a nice pie for sharing, just a small piece will suffice to enjoy the fragrant of almond meal and walnut crunch. Not sure if i oversoaked the raisin, i soaked for almost a week, and it tasted slightly bitter, and that also i think i might have reduced the sugar of the walnut raisin mixture by 5 – 10g.


Recipe: Yogurt Popsicles

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Easy peasy popsicles, economical as well. “Recipe” from The Hazel Bloom

Just pluck a chopstick into a small jar of yogurt, and you get an icy treat for hot days

I tried using yogurt brand: Anlene’s and Emmy as there are the smaller kind, unless your mouth is super big. Anlene is just right, try their mango flavor


Pluck chopstick into yogurt, put into freezer


when ready, dip into hot water to loosen up the sides and voila, yogurt ice cream treat


Emmy’s brand is a bit too wide for the mouth


Emmy’s grapefruit flavor, a bit bitter


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