Recipe: Potato Patty (Malay dish: Begedil)

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Thursday 8 August 2013 9:17 pm
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Boil the potato till soft, and peel off the skin


900g to 1 kg of potato (US russet potato preferably, own preference, other potatoes seems to taste slightly sweet)

1 can of tuna chunk in water

around 4 tablespoon of fried shallot with some oil

ground black pepper

salt to taste

3 eggs for coating the patty for frying


all ingredients

I made lots of fried shallot with oil, for this recipe, use only about 4 big tablespoonful of the fried onion, remember to drain the oil of the shallot so that not too much of oil is added to mixture


mash all except egg together


form around 18 to 20 rounds of patty, then dip/coat with egg then pan fry





Made this many times but never bother to blog about it, i would normally made the above, and eat with white rice, 3 or 4 patty at a go, last me around 5 meals, very yummy. Remember to microwave till hot before eating.


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