Coco Steamboat, Old Klang Road

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RM17.80 per set (with normal clear soup)

or opt for their famous pork bone soup base for RM19.90 extra


2 person’s portion


Overall, i find their soup is salty and perhaps laden with MSG, Hoho steamboat is better

Address: Coco Steamboat (They have branches in Cheras and Taman Puchong Jaya)

No.2, Lorong Jurga, Off Batu 3, Jalan Kelang Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur
Hour: Opens daily from 6:00pm – 11:00pm (alternate Monday off)

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Saimatkong (Puchong Jaya branch)




Recipe: Mint Brownie

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I have fond memories of awesome mint brownie made by my housemate Kim during university days which i can’t help having pieces and pieces of. And finally now i tried making it.

Ingredients: Recipe from Serious Eats’ Alpine Mint Brownie

For The Brownies
90g cups all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoons dark unsweetened cocoa powder
156g dark chocolate
coarsely chopped 115g unsalted butter, cut into 1-inch pieces
100g granulated sugar
30g firmly packed light brown sugar
2.5 large eggs, at room temperature
1 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

For The Mint Filling
100g confectioner’s sugar
40g unsalted butter
1 tablespoons milk
1/2 teaspoons mint extract

For The Ganache Glaze
85g ounces chocolate chips or chopped chocolate
40g ounces butter change from heavy cream to milk
some recipe say 1/2 teaspoon mint

Made one third of the original mint filling Decreased the sugar from 150g caster + 50g brown to 100g caster and 30 brown


Recipe i used




Melt butter and chocolate over boiling butter


Smooth chocolate, then add sugar, egg, vanilla, flour to make the brownie batter


brownie batter




to make the frosting, i used Fox’s mint sweet as the mint flavoring is kinda expensive and not going to use it often. Icing sugar, unsalted butter, a few Fox mint melted in microwave with some water The mint frosting turn out barely minty 🙁


beat all together


spread the mint filling all over


chocolate ganache recipe

MintBrownie11.jpg MintBrownie12.jpg

double boil melting

MintBrownie13.jpg MintBrownie14.jpg

pour chocolate ganache over the mint brownie Barely memorable, perhaps a strong mint flavoring will bring out this dessert more


Recipe: Egg Tart

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Recipe from Cook.Bake.Love

Tips 1: Only 80% full for fillings, else it WILL oveflow
Tips 2: Make the pastry edge higher than the mould for easier removal

This is a disaster that all the egg mixture overflowed and cause the dough to be either caramelised and burn or soft dough from the overflowed egg. Not in picture is me removing the tart which sticks to the mould, and put in for further baking in the oven with only lower heat to crisp up the soft dough

Second attempt is a failed one too, i thought i already filled it  till only 8o% only, but i guess maybe i did stretch the dough when putting the skin on the mould and it overflow again when baked, so NEXT TIME i might just bake the shell first, so that i won’t overfill the tart again ie below

– Prebake shell for 3 minutes (250C)
– Bake for another 10 mins with filling






all rolled into mold


urgh, the skin start shrinking the the filling starts overflowing :S


Looks ok here, but if you look carefully, the egg fillings are overflowed for 90% of the tarts




Rum-soaked Raisin and Almond Tart (Taiwanese dessert master 孟老师 Recipe)

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Flickr is such a pain now, can’t find the picture link which can readily embed into post anymore, instead have to cut and paste to amend the link now. 🙁

A yummy tart, aroma from to the rum soaked raisin and almond meal used in it. Recipe from Taiwanese dessert master 孟老师, her recipes are quite good.


Prick with fork to prevent the pastry from rising and becoming bumpy


using rice as pie weight this time


brush with some egg and further baked it till golden brown like above


ingredients for filling


ready to be baked


golden brown




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