Recipe: Egg Tart

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Sunday 20 April 2014 8:04 pm
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Recipe from Cook.Bake.Love

Tips 1: Only 80% full for fillings, else it WILL oveflow
Tips 2: Make the pastry edge higher than the mould for easier removal

This is a disaster that all the egg mixture overflowed and cause the dough to be either caramelised and burn or soft dough from the overflowed egg. Not in picture is me removing the tart which sticks to the mould, and put in for further baking in the oven with only lower heat to crisp up the soft dough

Second attempt is a failed one too, i thought i already filled it  till only 8o% only, but i guess maybe i did stretch the dough when putting the skin on the mould and it overflow again when baked, so NEXT TIME i might just bake the shell first, so that i won’t overfill the tart again ie below

– Prebake shell for 3 minutes (250C)
– Bake for another 10 mins with filling






all rolled into mold


urgh, the skin start shrinking the the filling starts overflowing :S


Looks ok here, but if you look carefully, the egg fillings are overflowed for 90% of the tarts




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