Bandung, Indonesia 3 days 3 nights trip (20-23 August 2014)

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Indonesia1-gino feruci braga hotel

Gino Feruci Braga hotel located in braga, around RM140 per night for twin sharing room with breakfast. Not recommended for ladies staying alone as we witness 2 pretty ladies going into a room with door wide open and menS smoking while lying on bed.

Indonesia2-gino feruci braga hotel

clean bathroom

Indonesia3-gino feruci braga hotel

nice shower

Indonesia4-convenience store

our visit to convenience store located stone throw away

Indonesia5-convenience store

Pink Pomegranate Magnum, sweet milky, okay

Indonesia6-convenience store

Avocado frosties

Indonesia7-hotel breakfast buffet

buffet breakfast in our hotel

Indonesia8-hotel breakfast buffet


Indonesia9-hotel breakfast buffet


Indonesia10-hotel breakfast buffet

sushi, okay

Indonesia11-hotel breakfast buffet

pasta, okay


our driver, paid him RM175 per pax for 2 full days of driving us around to outlet stores, supermarket etc include lunch and dinner (totaled 8 of us RM175 * 8 = RM1400) He came pick us around 8am and we back to hotel about 9pm/10pm for 2 days, nice and comfortable seats, only peeve is hard to get to the last row for those sitting behind


gift from our driver: layer cake, just ok, slightly dry


buying local snacks, mostly fried (fried banana, tempe, peanuts etc)


Visit to Toko 3 selling jeans at reasonable price (Levi’s is around RM100-200) Above is just a fake mannequin


Free length altering for jeans


Our first lunch: nasi padang in Mitra Sederhana Pasteur, this shop has many branches in Bandung. The dishes are appetizing and nice, except 2 items: the beef tendon are not probably braised and still very tough and beefy smell, one vege which probably just blanched with no taste and raw smell


Avocado milk with chocolate, not that nice, milky taste


Mitra Sederhana Pasteur in Jalan Pelajar Pejuang 45, No.64


Nice snacks outside a supermarket we visited: Srabi Notosuman Polos, coconuty snack

Indonesia21-Stone Cafe

Free dinner included: Stone Cafe

Indonesia22-Stone Cafe

Great view and cooling weather

Indonesia23-Stone Cafe

dining room

Indonesia24-Stone Cafe

Food included in our tour package: nasi penyet (menu price for this is about RM20 for each set containing rice, chicken, a small bowl of sweet sour soup which is too sweet for a soup supposedly should be savoury) Nice chicken dish though

Indonesia25-Stone Cafe

Nice, rice is container in the banana leaf dome

Indonesia26-Stone Cafe

complimentary fruits


Visit to a mall: Champelas Walk, they are many local shops around this area as well, but we opt to go lunch earlier instead :S Only realised many shops around when the driver driving us to our lunch destination


In supermarket: their kraft cheese are not refrigerated!


Best meal in this trip: the fried tofu is surprisingly very nice, crispy outside, but soft inside, the other dishes are very appetising as well when eaten with hot fluffy white rice


Shop Name: Kedai Belacan indonesian cuisine: Jalan Halmahera No.4 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia


Another shopping mall: Trans Studio


Avocado produced locally


Dinner to same nasi padang shop, but another branch. The dishes is nothing special now since we had it the day before, and the dishes are cold and probably better to dine in this shop for lunch time, the rice felt cold and slightly hard as well


Pisang keju, fried banana topped with grated cheese, yummy, IDR12,000 (almost RM4)


closed up


yummy, sweet and salty with firm banana flesh

Indonesia37-Air asia Nasi Padang

nasi padang available in Air Asia Indonesia

Indonesia38-Air asia Nasi Padang

beef, vegetables, fried anchovies with white nice, very nice and homey

Indonesia39-Air asia Nasi Palembang

Nasi Palembang

Indonesia40-Air asia Nasi Palembang

flavoured rice with beef stew, the beef is very sweet, not nice

Indonesia41-Air asia Nasi ayam

chicken rice

Indonesia42-Air asia Nasi ayam

wanted to have other dishes, but this is the only dish leftover, just ok




KartikaSari, bought it in airport


banana bread, hot out of oven when bought, can be kept for less than 1 week. IDR40,000, about RM11, taste just ok

Overall, i find the clothing in Bandung is not very cheap, just reasonable price, total expense (roughly):

Air ticket (all inclusive of meals, baggage etc): RM240

2 days tour (van transport + lunch + dinner): RM175

Hotel (3 nights per pax for sharing room): RM220

Spending money: RM500

Total ~ RM1100


Recipe: Flourless Orange Cake

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Recipe: (adapted from Annabelle White)

2 oranges (boiled for 90 minutes, cooled, deseeded and blended) original recipe is 1.5 oranges

5 eggs

150 sugar (reduced, normally flourless orange cake use 1 cup of sugar which is about 220g sugar)

300g ground almond (originally recipe is 250g, due to my almond meal is coarser, i increased it to 300g)

1 teaspoon baking powder



Boiled the orange for 90 minutes changing the water 2 times, to remove the bitterness of orange


blend the boiled oranges




Beat the egg for 1 of 2 minutes, add in orange puree and blend it again


Mix almond meal with baking powder together


egg mixed with blended orange


mix in all the ground almond


Pour into a greased and baking paper lined bottom springform pan


level it slightly




Overall, the taste and aroma is good with strong citrusy smell and almond aroma, but it is slightly too wet, perhaps due to me using “leftover” ground almond which are of coarser texture (finer texture was used to make macaron). Next time will use finer almond.

I did make this cake the 2nd time using fine ground almond, and up it to 320g as well (since original recipe state to use 1.5 orange, and i am now using 2 oranges, so it will probably be alright to up the ground almond A BIT 😉 hoping to have a less wet cake. And the 2nd time turn out ok, without the slight wetness.

NOTE: did tried to bake it at later time using more ground almond, and finer ones, ie 320g fine ground almond (with 2 boiled oranges weigh 325g before pureed), it did turn out less wet.


Nutmeg & The Daily Grind, Bangsar Village

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All Day Breakfast menu


Lunch and dinner menu


Nutmeg Gravlax “Croissant-wich” – smoked paprika Gravlax topped with scrambled eggs, toasted croissant. RM26, not bad, can try


Salt beef and Cabbage, RM25, ok, first try of salt beef, served with boiled new potato and pickle


Dessert in The Daily Grind across the road


Old Fashioned Waffles with fresh cream, stawberry, ice cream & syrup, RM18, looks good, but it is far from it, the cream and strawberries are ok, problem is with the slightly stale, not-freshly-made waffle

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Kien Kee Spicy Soup, Seri Kembangan

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Kien Kee in Seri Kembangan, famous for their spicy soup, infused with white pepper, salted vege/preserved vege, with delicious chicken meat, pork slices, pork liver etc


Umpera drink


2 pax pot, only RM22 for this pot of satisfying meal (RM11 per person), only thing is it did felt slightly salty towards the end. Worth a try!

Address: Kien Kee

D-1, Jalan 10/3
43300 Seri Kembangan
Tel: 012-350 9900
Business hours: 9.30am to 3pm and 5.30pm to 9pm
Closed on Mondays

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