Bangkok 4 days 3 night trip 11 – 14 November 2015

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Money exchange: 100 baht for RM12.25


MAS golden lounge, so much food!!


Fresh milk / low fat milk / fresh fruits


Bangkok_5Bangkok_6 nasi lemak with all the condiments!


my first round of food, the nasi lemak is quite good that i go back for seconds, the President Rondele Herb cheese is quite nice as well


lots of business travellers in this lonunge


our hotel in Westin Grande Sukhumvit


view towards the window




bath tub


Pier 21 food court in top floor of Terminal 21 shopping mall, a really nice food court, best among 3 food court we went, the other 2 is MBK food court and Platinum shopping mall food court.


All the food court we went to require us to buy coupon card. all the food are paid using card and the remaining value can be refunded


papaya salad stall


the blended fruit juice in Pier 21 of Terminal 21 shopping mall is cheap, cheaper than road side, my mixed berries smoothie made with fresh strawberries etc is only 30 baht, very nice and not overly sweet


very nice oyster omelette, crispy and nice, only 50 baht


pad thai, taste sweet, not nice



sticky mango rice stall


mango sticky rice, 70 baht for this whole mango portion, 35 baht for halved portion


the fruit juice stall i just mentioned, really nice and cheap blended fruit juices Bangkok_22

som tam


papaya salad with sweet corn and salted egg, 50 baht, not spicy as i asked for less spicy


basil chicken with rice add egg only for 37 baht; tomyam with egg; somtam; my passion fruit blended only 25 baht


coconut ice cream is very cheap as well




fish porridge ~ 50 baht

Bangkok_28 Som Tam Nua menu


Som Tam Nua restaurant in Siam Square, a famous restaurant, even recommended by CNN as Bangkok’s best som tam restaurant, we took sky train from BTS Sky Train from Asok to Siam, followed by short walk to this restaurant, there is also a branch in 4th floor of Siam Centre



somtam with salted egg, 85 baht, nice and really spicy, in Som Tam Nua, we should have had a full meal in this restaurant instead of just som tam and milk tea, but with just the 2 of us and many to try food lining up, we can’t possibly eat so much. This start off just mildly spicy, and it gets really really… spicy, MUST TRY! Bangkok_32

colorful desser in MBK food court, 6th floor in MBK, also went to Tokyu departmental store in MBK which is alike Malaysia’s Jusco/Isetan, nothing much there.


mixed beef soup in MBK food court, don’t like this, it taste like Bak Kut Teh herbal-ish, but with a sweet undertone, not nice at all



a road side stall near our hotel

Bangkok_36 salt crusted talapia fish, only 200 baht ~ RM24, looks too big for 2 person, but we ended up finishing it as it is moist, with very light hint of salt inside, very nice. Where to get this in Malaysia?


juicy meat


tom yam with pork, 60 baht, the tom yam soup which i like best among the 4 tomyams we tried, this is clear type of soup


Start of 2nd day in Bangkok, we took BTS Sky train from Asok to Chit Lom, then walk quite a distance to Platinum mall/Pratunam area. Above is a small alley across from Shibuya small, someone same side of the road with Platinum mall


pork rice, 50 baht, the more expensive one we had, no egg and little vege to be seen


We did pass by the famous SabX2 wantan mee stall, but the waiting line is long and look very touristy. Instead, we went for another round of pork rice in another alley near SabX2.


50 baht as well, but this one comes with egg and much more vege, thumbs up


trying their mama noodle with mixed meat Bangkok_44

just okay, namely poshed-up instant noodle, topping it up with balls and meat


Platinum Fashion mall 10am-6pm which i didn’t bought much from, it will be very nice place if you are looking for evening gown, around RM180 for very nice embellished one but i didn’t buy as can’t try on the gown…


a meal in platinum mall food court, the tom yam kung is not bad, whereas the cashew chicken rice is not nice


banana coconut dessert is quite nice

Bangkok_48 The famous After You Dessert Cafe, many branches in Bangkok, this one located in 7th floor of Central World shopping mall. There is reputedly many roadside stalls which sells salt crusted fish outside Central World Isetan departmental store from 6pm onwards, we were here around 4pm, the stalls are not open yet ):


many types of dessert



shibuya honey toast


surprisingly not very sweet, it is buttery and very nice. Thereafter went to Union mall taking BTS Sky train from Siam to Mochit, then taking MRT interchange to Phahon Yothin Station, bought items from only 1 shop, the stuff there are like Sungei Wang’s, quality is mostly just so-so, and not a big shopping mall


Start of 3rd day – breakfast: an OEM coco cola which taste almost exactly like the real thing

Bangkok_54 spicy pork rice and my prawn basil rice, add egg, 60 baht each. This is a homely restaurant just next to Westin hotel which owner speaks Mandarin

After breakfast, we spent hours finish up browsing all the shops in Terminal 21 mall. I like this mall, the lower 2 floors are of famous mid-range brands like Jaspal, Rockport, H&M and the like, whereas the upper 4 or 5 floors are small boutiques which sell unique and quality clothing etc.

After finally browsing all the stores in Terminal 21, we went to Bangkrak market behind Shangri-la hotel {BTS Sky train from Asok to Siam, then interchange to MRT from Siam to Saphan Taksin}, nothing much there, or maybe we reach there too early at 3pm plus when the stalls are just starting to open.


Opposite Bangkrak market is Jok Prince in Bangrak selling pork porridge, 4pm onwards, it may be a bit difficult to find this shop, just look for shoplot number 1391 along Charoen Krung Road


price list


40 baht for our basic pork porridge, nice!!


the famous T&K restaurant in Chinatown, near MRT Hua Lamphong station, we reach the restaurant at 5:15pm and it was already open although some websites mention the restaurant open from 6pm onwards





nice BBQ cockles, 60 baht


tom yam which i find has a distinct sweetness which i not really fancy, like them spicy and sour, not sour and sweet, the squid texture is very spongy and different from those in Malaysia


grilled prawn, 150 baht


fried rice with egg, 50 baht, skip this and just order their plain rice, this doesn’t taste fried at all, like some rice with butter, not nice


kangkung/morning glory, not bad


an affordable seafood meal in Bangkok, about 470 baht ~RM57 for all the above including 2 luo han guo drinks

Bangkok_72 4th day: Went took MRT train from Sukhumvit to Kampheng Phet station, taking exit 3 to reach Or-Tor-Kor morning market around 8am, most people would take the other exit to go Chatuchak market. Wanted to browse this morning fresh market before going to Chatuchak which is just across the road from this morning market


lots of fresh fruits and food, even a covered food court with lots of food


freshly steamed crab


marinated crab used in som tam


otak-otak like parcel 25 baht, laksa, both quite nice


flowers sold in Chatuchak market

Bangkok_78 first round of coconut ice cream in Chatuchak, 40 baht


some food stall


pad thai with shrimp in Chatuchak market, 100 baht, quite expensive


of the 2 tries of pad thai in this trip, i find they have a distinct sweetness to it, adding chili flakes and dried peanut will mask the sweetness considerably and make it taste much nicer. But overall, don’t like savoury food which taste sweet


the famous coconut ice cream just out of Kampheng Phet MRT station. We walked in Chatuchak market from 9am – noon as had to catch plane on 5:10pm, all in all only manage to browse only one third of the whole market, mostly clothing sections – ie sections 5, 6, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, didn’t get to browse section 22,24 which are clothing as well. If you notice, the clothing are mostly in even number sections. Didn’t get to browse other housewares sections as well. A whole day would be suffice to browse all the sections as Chatuchak is opened till 6pm. I did bought 2 very nice denim aprons which cost only RM30 each


40 baht with 2 toppings, complimentary small cup of coconut water given as well, like this better than the earlier coconut ice cream in Chatuchak, as i find this had less creamy taste from diary, but more of a clean sorbet-like coconut ice cream


price list of taxi only 250 baht for our trip from Westin hotel to airport, but our earlier taxi ride from Bangkok airport to westin hotel cost 650 baht, don’t know why the big difference as both taxi charged per meter, perhaps some taxi meter runs faster?


power bank can’t be placed into checked in baggage!

Bangkok_86 CIP lounge, so much food! : fruit yogurt, sandwiches, pastries, shrimp on rice, roast chicken with potato and carrot, roasted peanut, tomato juice etc etc. Yum~


in CIP lounge


going back KL


my loot of clothing, not including 2 pairs of shoes and lots of snacks. For clothing/shoes + snacks, 1 spent about 13,000 baht, around RM1500 with prevailing rate for 100 baht = MYR12.20


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