Ttua Mark Pan Mee, Jinjang Utara

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 31 January 2016 3:59 pm
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Tuaa Mark Pan mee



My big portion of pinched-style pan mee, RM6.50, the noodle is very smooth, as it is rolled then torn, rather than “pinched from scratch”. The soup though is very nice, don’t feel thirsty after drinking it, plus point for having mushroom and limau. Yum~~

Tried locating this shop in Jalan Jinjang Aman 3 as mentioned in other website, but it is not on that road! In fact it is located in a small road next to Jalan Jinjang Utama. Best way to go there is that this shop is located just few shops away from Public bank, along this row of shop is also RHB bank

Overall, worth a try, a good pan mee nonetheless.

Address: Ttua Mark

Jalan Jinjang Utama, Jinjang Utara, KL

Open: 7.30am to 5pm. Closed on Mondays.

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Recipe: soy milk

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Wednesday 27 January 2016 2:00 pm
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Makes 5 to 6 big cups of soy drink, not a lot actually

300g dried soy bean, soak in water for at least 6 hours room temperature or overnight in fridge

1.7kg – 2.5kg water

sugar to taste, preferably cane sugar

pandan leaf

optional: ginger slices

1. Blend the soaked soy bean in small batches with just enough water that the blender could fully blend the soy bean, squeeze out all the liquid using muslin cloth.

2. I normally re-blend the squeezed blended soy bean for 3 times till the blended mixture looks liquidy and less opaque, meaning most soy flavor has been extracted. In this re-blending way, i don’t need to squeeze each batch too hard 😛

* Sometimes in the last blending, i blend the ginger & pandan together with the soy for more ginger & pandan taste

2. Cook with pandan leaf, ginger slices and sugar till a lot of foam surface, meaning it is fully boiled. Careful are it won’t boil like normal water do, basically sign of it boiling is a thick layer of soy foam rising and rising, and before you know it, it overflows… the foam will be a lot, refer below picture…


Yum, full of thick soy flavor, a notch up above those bought outside, especially nice when served chilled


Rocku Yakiniku, One Utama Shopping Mall

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 24 January 2016 3:40 pm
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This restaurant has branch in Pavillion shopping mall and recently on December 2015 opened a new branch in One Utama Shopping mall.

I had not high hope for this place but was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. The seafood especially is the main draw for me to visit here again in future.


some of the items like chawanmushi are not in the order chit, not sure it is supposed to be available or not :S i think it is on the buffet area, but didn’t see it when we round it one time.


Lunch Weekday 11am – 5pm: RM39.90++

Lunch Weekend 11am – 5pm: RM49.90++

Dinner Weekday & Weekend 5pm – 11pm: RM49.90++


This is the only order chit. There are more items from the buffet area but i don’t find attractive.


pork platter, 3 slice each of pork belly & pork collar


seafood platter, 3 each of mussel, prawn, salmon, squid. The salmon is really nice big cubes and boneless! The prawn are very fresh as well


beef platter, the enoki with butter is very tasty


very small grill, share amoung 5 of us, too small of a grill, and 100 minutes is quite rush. Remember to be efficient, grilling stuff quickly, as 100 minutes pass by really fast…


our neighbour ordered so much scallop, the scallop is really fresh and meaty! Yum!


We ordered too much prawn


My birthday cake

Overall, really nice and fresh seafood like scallop, prawn, boneless salmon cubes, must go!

Address: Rocku Yakiniku
Lot F355/356/357, First Floor, Rainforest, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Telephone: 03-7710 9884


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Raub day trip (near Bentong)

Posted by vivien | Others | Wednesday 20 January 2016 5:24 pm
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Went to Raub on a Wednesday and it took us 1.5 hour to reach Raub from KL. Raub is situated just 30 minutes away from its more famous neighbouring town – Bentong. If ever you visiting Bentong, you may take a short day trip to Raub. Both town are famous for its durians especially musang king. My trip to Raub is mainly to experience how handmade soap is produced and also trying out some of the food in town.


The fastest way to Raub from KL is thru Bentong town, 30 minutes drive from Bentong


Arriving on the premise of “Soap Maker Raub” which is in a residential area to get first hand info on how handmade soap is made. I was given a house tour. Surprise… behind the house are vast land area and there are 2 chicken pen with egg-laying hens.


loot of the day: 3 fresh eggs collected for the day


there are many plants next to the chicken pen, ie eggplant, pumpkin etc, spot the small purple aubergine in the above pic


what a beautiful big bunch of banana at the back, and that is the gate leading out to chicken pen behind


nice long papaya as well


that huge bunch of “monster” is a passion fruit plant which climbs from ground flour towards the balcony on top floor of the house


many passion fruits like above, but there are not ripe yet


3 noisy but friendly Belgian Malinois shepherd dog


and they have bees as well, the bees are kept for dual purpose, producing honey and also to increase pollination of fruit plants in the garden. The bees are stingless bees, ie there won’t be accidents of getting stung


the longish plastic-y looking tube thing is entrance for the sting-less bee


whereas to the top of the trunk is a wooden box which the honey are housed, it is deviced such so that the honey can be easily harvested from the box.


My visit to “Soap Maker Raub” is to see first hand how one of their best seller – “Perak Activated Carbon Soap” is made. “Soap Maker Raub” also provide DIY handmade soap courses and sell handmade soaps. For handmade soap lesson, each student can bring back 1kg bar of soap, which can be cut into 10 pieces, each weighing 100g. The DIY handmade soap course may differs in terms of process/ingredients from which you will see in following photos. If you are interested, their contact details are listed in end of this post.


“Perak Activated Carbon Soap” contains extra virgin coconut oil EVCO, palm oil and cocoa butter. It is made using low temperature method of soap-making, ie the above mixture of 3 oils will have to be about 35 Celcius before mixing in the rest of the ingredients.


Soap making may sound fun, but safety precaution is a must, and it is advisable to be performed only by person who has chemical/lab knowledge. The strong alkaline that is used in soap making is very pure and corrosive, in fact alkaline is more corrosive than acid, and will become blind if it alkaline touch the eye, thus eye protective mask is a MUST, respiratory mask is recommended as well to protect from alkaline vapour/fume.


This is the step that all need to be EXTRA careful, put protective google and nose mask on especially for first timers. The alkaline powder is weighed into a non-reactive glass container.


then put in the distilled water. Be VERY CAREFUL as the alkaline will start bubbling and producing much vapour and fume. Open all the windows and door of the room to ensure the room is well ventilated , and fan blowing air away from you, ie to blow the alkaline vapour away from you, as the vapour may cause throat irratation etc. Lift the funnel slightly to let the vapour out from the side else the vapour in the bottle might push the funnel up which will be very dangerous. Once the water are all poured in, put the cap on, and gently shake to melt the alkaline powder in water.


Cool the bottle and mixture down by soaking the whole bottle in water. This is also while waiting for the oil mixture to cool down.


oil and alkaline mixture are both cool enough for mixing


Pour all the alkaline water into oil mixture


Mix using an immersion blender, correct method has to be employed in this step to prevent the mixture which is still very alkaline from splattering. *Reminder: Wear protective eye goggle


Coconut shell activated carbon which has deep cleansing properties is added to the soap mixture


Pour soap mixture into mold


We covered and let it solidify before cutting into small soap bars


Normally handmade soap can only be cut after 12 hours. Above is the solidified soap. For people not able to stay till next day for soap cutting, an option of soap being mail ordered to you is available.


beautiful bars


To be cut


wow, so many bars of soap


Soap maker Raub’s “Perak Activated Carbon Soap” can be bought for RM25 each


All the soap produced by them, from left:

Perak Activated Carbon Soap, deep cleansing properties

Bentong Ginger Soap

Sabah Seaweed Soap, moisturizing effect with honey in it

Raub T3 Soap, for whitening

Soap for pets, for anti-bacterial

Raub_Day_Trip36  Raub_Day_Trip37

Normally, handmade soap has to be left to cure for 1 month , allowing it to fully dry and harden. All ingredients of their soap are from Malaysia local farm, no artificial perfume, coloring and preservative

Raub_Day_Trip38  Raub_Day_Trip39

All the soap contains extra virgin coconut oil which is extracted from fresh coconut without heat treatment.


Besides visiting “Soap Maker Raub”, we went to try a few food, first is curry noodle


It is located in 15, Taman Emas, Sempalit, Raub


Young man cooking the curry chicken which normally ready everyday around 10am – 10:30am


nice huge wok of curry chicken


they also selling local “dao1 ma2 qie4” which is hakka pan mee, this is famous noodle in raub, can be found in many coffee shop here, not bad as well


the curry noodle is nice and piping hot, however i would recommend to order the normal one with chicken pieces, and not with drumstick as the meat inside the drumstick is kinda bland. Actually we didn’t specify to have drumstick, but they gave us drumstick which is more expensive.


Another famous restaurant in Raub, Ah Loong Cafe


wanted to try their dao1 ma2 qie4 as well, but it was sold out, the famous Hong Kong “god of cookery”  Liang Wentao dined here as seen in above pic


My pork noodle, the soup is dosed with slightly a bit too much sugar? Taste just ok, RM5


Wanted to try the famous raub kuih shop in Bukit Koman, Raub as well, but there were not open that day, saying Astro AEC will be coming to film him 2 days later…

Soap Maker Raub: 

Phone/Whatsapp: 011-2913 2234

Email: soapmakerraub [at] yahoo [dot] com

Facebook: Soap Maker Raub

Ah Hen Curry Noodle:

15, Taman Emas Sempalit, 27000 Raub

Business hour: 10:30am – 4pm

Telephone: 013-9508 363    

Ah Loong Cafe Pork noodle:

313-A,Kampung Sempalit,27600Raub,Pahang.


Business hour:7am-1:30pm

Raub famous kuih:

4,Bukit Koman,Raub27600,Pahang D.M.

Business hour:10:30am – 3pm

Telephone:012-7276236/017-3716236, call ahead as there are sometimes not open

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Invited Review: Flight Club, restaurant in KLIA Satellite Building

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Monday 11 January 2016 9:40 pm
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Thanks to invitation by V-Liam of Plaza Premium lounge, i got the change to visit Fight Club, their new airport dining establishment located in KLIA Satellite terminal, it is located pass immigration and custom checking, and need to take Aerotrain to reach this restaurant.

Due to me not traveling on that day, but was coming solely for a “leisure trip” to KLIA to review this restaurant, V-Liam helped me to retrieve our security pass to enter KLIA Satellite building…

For those on long haul trip to Europe etc, your flight will most probably leave from KLIA satellite building, do try out this new restaurant which offers many food and beverage choices at a reasonable price.


the grand looking Flight club restaurant which spans four shop lots! It is located just opposite Plaza Premium Lounge

The menu of this restaurant is herb and seed inspired, ie the dishes has herbs/seeds in it, namely Rosemary, Flaxseed, Pumpkin Seed, Oregano, chia Seed, Sesame Seed, Mint Leaves, Pandan Leaves, Turmeric, Basil, Lemongrass


Signature juices, all cold-pressed and without added water


Appetiser menu


Main course


Italian Pasta/Risotto and other homely classics


local Malaysian favourites like nasi lemak, nasi goreng, curry noodle, koay teow soup etc


Dessert menu


Our signature juices, RM16 each, comes in big tall glass

Charge Me Up (on the left): Grapefruit, Pineapple, Lemon, Lime and Lemongrass

Go With The Flow (on the right): Beetroot, Carrot, Apple, Lemon, Mint Leaf

The beetroot drink doesn’t taste as bad as it may sounds, as it is mixed with carrot,apple,lemon as well


6 Celcius Fresh Cameron Highland tomato soup, RM12, normally comes in a bowl, chef jazzed up the presentation for this food review. For a tomato juice lover like me, it is yummy, just wish there is more of it 😉 there is a surprise tang from the calamansi sorbet inside the tomato soup


Papaya salad dressed in roasted ground peanut, tamarind sauce and mint leave, RM12, love the accidental bites of mint leave in this salad, RM12

True to the theme of this restaurant being herb and seed inspired, there are peanut, pine nuts, mint leave etc in this salad


Hydroponic Baby Cos “Caesar’s Style”, RM16, the recommended appetiser, marked with an paper aeroplane icon in the menu, with Parmagiano-Reggiano, crisp baby cos leaves, and added orange and grapefruit segments make this an enjoyable salad. The baby cos are really crunchy and fresh and i really enjoy this salad


Prawn risotto, RM30, suitable for those fond of rich and cheesy mains.


Squid Ink Pasta, RM25, the pasta is made in-house and coated in a garlicy-tomatoey sauce, i like the asian twist of added cilantro sprigs


Vegetarian fried rice, RM20, fried rice surrounded by hos of superfood: chia seed, pine nut. pistachio, sesame seed, raisin etc


The Englishman’s fish & chips, RM26, river fish coated with multigrain seed batter with thick straight cut fries


Lamb Stew, RM35, lamb mince stew with seasonal vegetables and soft tortilla, the lamb stew taste a bit too salty for me


Grilled Sutchi Fillet, RM30, yummy fish on a bed of refreshing sourish tomato salsa


East Meets West, RM16, a creamy avocado in cheese mornay sauce and smoked chicken ham, top with coconut milk and herbs croutons, a bit too rich me, suitable for those who loves cheesy rich food


1824 beef cheek, RM42, yum~~~ soft fork-tender beef cheek braised in beef jus, served with couscous, buttered brocolli and miso gravy, this is just a sample portion for us, the actual portion of this dish will be bigger


beetroot ice cream with cheesecake, RM15, a wallet friendly price for such a nice plate of dessert, this whole plate of dessert feels really healthy, the cheesecake is only lightly-sweeteneed for one, and not forgetting the homemade beetroot ice cream. I don’t really like the beetroot ice cream, but it is a good experience. The beetroot ice cream taste natural sweetness from fresh beetroot and taste very lightly sweeten, good for people who are health-conscious


The highlight of the entire meal, if i could have only 1 thing from this restaurant, i would come for the ice cream, RM10 each scoop. The cempedak ice cream is like nothing i have ever taste before, it is intense and taste naturally sweet, it is the more fragrant and yummy “cousin” to the milder nangka/jackfruit. The one of the left is white sesame ice cream, taste really good as well. Both looks very similar in color, and they are both really good that i will want the whole scoop to myself, no sharing for this one…


view from our table


view towards to open kitchen, there are charging docks in the middle of the restaurant


in one corner of the restaurant are rosemary infused water, hot water and diamond water. If you pay RM18 <if not mistaken>, you can have free-flow from salad bar buffet, soup and the waters in above pic.


Salad buffet bar (mixed salad leaves, mixed fruits, pasta salad, cherry tomato)

Overall, i like this restaurant for its comfortable environment, Free WIFI etc, dishes which i recommend are firstly their must-try cempedak ice cream and white sesame ice cream. Other dishes to order are the cold tomato soup, caesar salad, beef cheek and grilled sutchi fillet.

Facebook: Flight Club

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