Breakfast/lunch/bakery spots in Sri Petaling

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A. Recommended

1. Alison kopitiam in Sri petaling on a Sunday morning.

Went there few times for the nasi lemak which is quite good, the char kuey tiaw here is not bad (fat bean sprout, but I their siham is fried into the noodle and not the partial-cook type, which could indicate their cockles is not fresh enough on that day), but overall the CKT is still a must try here



Nyonya Nasi lemak store


RM7 for above, add rice, onion ikan bilis, potato, 1egg, enough to satisfy my Nasi lemak craving


the above is from 2nd visit, also RM7, same items as before but without adding ikan bills sambal.

Alison coffee shop Sri petaling


Above is curry noodle stall, below is the curry noodle RM9, not bad, but Girl and mummy curry Mee or kuchai lama’s Leong Wei one are better 


Alison coffee shop Sri petaling


Alison coffee shop Sri petalingSri petaling wantan mee

Above wantan Mee from Alison is mediocre cos wantan is so so. Noodle is no springy at all.
Below beef noodle from a stall in Alison kopitiam is just okay, the ingredient is not much, much prefer the Jln ipoh Argyle kopitiam’s which is much more generous
Sri petaling beef noodle

Below 2 items are from Good Tea restaurant(across the road from Alison coffeeshop), items recommended by a famous YouTuber – Elmo. The pork stomach yee Mee I find is so so taste bland, firstly I don’t the soup pack the expected strong peppery punch, it is nothing worth having. Whereas the wat tan hor it is normal tasty,it is big portion and taste not bad, but nothing which I will revisit(unlike the selayang Pan Heong’s

Sri petaling breakfast
this is yee Mee from same stall as pork stomach stall, just so so

2. Rotiman bakery, one of the better bakery out there which has nice yam bun, Japanese sea salt bun and varieties of sourdough, all their bun are quality stuff. Online has some rave review for their gula melaka coconut shred bun (which I am yet to try), japanese shokupan danish bread loaf, thick-cut wholemeal loaves, cheese tart etc


3. Roadside nasi lemak, very popular, best to reach here at 8am or earlier, they will be sold out by 9am. 

You can find this stall under a “umbrella” written Pasar Tani Mega, and a long line of ppl, it is located just opposite diagonally from Nam Heong in The Pinaccle.

The nasi lemak is very tasty and not expensive, 2 packet, one with rendang chicken, the other with rendang beef, both add rice, comes up to only RM11.50

nasi lemak Sri petaling

nasi lemak Sri petaling

4. New Lucky Sri Petaling

Their seafood porridge (single person) cost RM20 is enough for 2 person, ample fresh ingredients(fish, lala & prawn), fish porridge is RM13, very nice as well with generous fish slices. The Hong Kong fresh steamed chee cheong fun is not bad, but I wouldn’t normally order it as the portion is small, it is more like snack, the portion below is 2pc for RM6.50. The nasi lemak stall here is also quite popular with steady stream of dine in/takeaway orders.

Sri petaling breakfast

Sri petaling breakfast

Sri petaling breakfast

Sri petaling breakfast
Sri petaling nasi lemak
Above nasi lemak is very cheap at RM4.50, the rice is not fragrant though, taste like normal rice, but the side dishes and sambal are quite tasty

Sri petaling pan mee
Above is pan Mee in shop next door, looks tasty but can’t order to be eaten into this corner shoplot.
Below is revisit where they allow pan Mee next door to be ordered into the restaurant, tasted so so onlySri petaling pan mee

Sri petaling pan mee
The prawn mee stall here has steady stream of customer, might try it someday

5. A popular roadside soybean stall near Sri Petaling morning market

Soybean drink is not bad, and it is fresh and cheaper than others. As for Tau foo Far, there is one stall in Kuchai Lama(New Wong Kee) is still the best.

happy garden food

6. Super Kitchen chilli pan Mee, Sri petaling

Very nice

7. TK Bakery in Sri Petaling

They have the best tasting egg tart(comes in butter pastry or lard pastry) which does not burn hole is pocket, just that I am wondering is it real lard or butter
Sri petaling TK bakery

8. Restoran Fa Cai

I think there is 2 stalls here which are more popular: roti canai stall and wantan Mee

Sri Petaling roti canai

Sri petaling Fa Cai roti canai above is egg roti which is freshly made, the dhal is very tasty, just not that fond of margerine fragrant from the roti cos they pan fry it with margarine instead of the usual oil

9. Thong Kee

 Always with long line of patronsSri petaling pan mee

10. YSK fresh porkYSK pork

11. Chee Seong kopitiam, near Jalan Perlak Sri Petaling morning market

Don’t like the wantan, so the wantan Mee is a no no. As for the pan Mee, soup is nice, just wish the torn pan Mee is thicker and more texture, it weirdly comes with 2 fried wantan

Sri petaling jalan perlak breakfast

Sri petaling jalan perlak breakfast

Sri petaling jalan perlak breakfast

12. Restaurant Ye Look 以勒海鲜楼 afternoon chicken rice stall best to reach here at 11am when their roast pork is ready, we reach 10:45am and roast pork not ready yet.
Below is our visit during cny eve where they are so busy that they don’t even bother giving us cucumber, quite a tasty chicken rice, worth a revisit
Sri petaling chicken rice

Sri petaling chicken rice

Sri petaling chicken rice

13. House of Fishball 漁鄉丸yummy taste, worth a try
Sri petaling fishball noodle

Sri petaling fishball noodle

Sri petaling fishball noodle

14. Young Sauna Mee (similar to Mama Kim sauna mee)

Below is the vege sauna mee(I choose to serve with rice) with chicken herbal soup, full to the brim with vege and the broth is quite flavourful. Don’t mind going back again for this, healthy and tasty

young sauna mee

15. Midam Korean restaurant (above Old Town coffee shop)

Their lunch set is really worth it, but only avail during Monday-Friday(excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holiday which falls on Mon-Fri). Their lunch set is slightly more expensive than Mi Na Rae(also in Sri Petaling) but portion is much bigger and is a very filling meal, side dishes if refillable as well (but we are full to the brim with existing portion and didn’t refill it)

midam Sri petaling

midam Sri petaling

midam Sri petaling

midam Sri petaling

midam Sri petaling  

16. Mi Na Rae Korean restaurant (near Sri Petaling’s Inside Scoop)

the restaurant is located in upper floor, their lunch set is quite cheap, food are really tasty, though portion is slightly on smaller side korean food Sri petaling korean food Sri petaling korean food Sri petaling

17. Uncle Don

Food is not expensive and portion is big
uncle don

uncle don


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B. Not recommended

Below are shop which food is not so good, won’t go again:

1. A Chinese shop (Hong Kong Roaster) which sells roast duck/chicken rice/noodle for less than RM10, this shop is owned by Good Taste restaurant(which has many branches), not sure the difference. Haven’t dine here but the items look not bad. After dining here, the portion of the meat is quite small, the egg is not jammy type as shown on menu, but normal boiled egg, overall nothing outstanding for paying higher price than normal hawker stall






Their nasi lemak is so so only, not so nice
Sri petaling nasi lemak

Sri petaling nasi lemak

Sri petaling nasi lemak

C. Yet to try

Below are food items which I haven’t try, but like to try 1 day.

1. Famous Tawaf Nasi Lemak which has really long lines when we wanted to tried it on a Sunday morning, want to try it one day. They seem to open on some Sundays, cos it is not always open when we pass by on Sundays.


3. Ding Xiang Sang Nyuk Noodles 鼎香生肉面


4. Omega Pork Noodle 猪肉粉 Sri Petaling

5.Menya Hanabi

6.十二月肉骨茶 December Bak Kut Teh @ 大城堡 Sri Petaling

Sri petaling bkt


Restaurant Sun Sea, OUG

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 15 May 2022 7:55 pm
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Breakfast in restaurant Sun Sea recently, their pork noodle has detoriated, no more small squid and shrimp, and not even pork lard oil on top for my order, aiks

Online has some good review on pan mee, Penang white curry mee, char kuey tiaw and the bakery items (piggy bun) in this shop.
In another visit recently, I ordered pan mee in the restaurant. The noodle texture is good, but the soup is very msg laden, felt so thirsty after eating it. The piggy bun is worth a try as it is just baked and piping hot.

Char kuey tiaw is quite good, definitely should order.


Recipe: whipping cream with gelatin

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Sunday 15 May 2022 7:35 pm
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I used half teaspoon of gelatin for 340g whipping cream but it is still not so stable, as it is melty 20 minutes in room temp.

melt 1/2 teaspoon gelatin in 1 1/2 tablespoons of water. Whip 340g of cream on medium speed just until the beaters leave a trail, then slowly stream in the gelatin and beat on high until soft peaks form.

will have to try 1 tsp gelatin for 440g cream next time.






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