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Below are review of food in Kuchai Lama and its neighbouring Happy Garden

1. Sarawak koh loh mee from SRK noodle from Kuchai lama branch, quite expensive via Grab, can try FoodPanda which is slightly cheaper. It is very tasty cos they use lard/shallot oil


2. Famous coffee shop – Leong Wei kopitiam which span 2 shop front
Leong Wei coffeeshop, kuchai lama

Their curry Mee is good (and very spicy, lol), prawn noodle not bad, the Yong Tau Foo stall is quite good (but have to be there early, try 10am or earlier, as they sell out very fast, don’t like the Chee cheong fun from YTF stall though as it is very small portion, it is better to order noodle from other stall to pair with your YTF)

Below is curry mee from Leong wei, with fresh juicy cockle. At times I find the cockle could be less fresh and they pour soup onto it to parcook it


3. Dao Panda, loves their tofufah with black sesame soup which is not too sweet
Dao soybean dessert
4. Curry fish head stall which opened at night in Restoran Pedas Sedap. It is very tasty, take note to go early like 6pm. There was once we reach there about 7:30pm and he is out of Vege, only fish left. They sell out fast as many ppl order from them. Below is a small portion, which is RM26, has 4 piece of fish head pieces, we ask him to put extra Vege, which is RM5 extra, and rice is RM1, so 2 pax eating this is RM33, very nice & satisfying

There is pork noodle, curry noodle in the morning, find the pork noodle is so so and not worth visiting




Above is another order of the small portion of fish head curry (add vege for RM5, Ori small is RM26), but takeaway back home, we brought our own containee, RM31, enough to serve 2-3 pax, very yummy

restaurant pedas sedap kampar noodle
Above is Kampar noodle from a noodle stall in Restoran Pedas Sedap, not bad cos the soup is not MSG laden, portion is quite big, and it is quite cheap, about RM7.50 when many noodle charge more than this price now

kuchai lama noodle

kuchai lama noodle
Above curry Mee and pork noodle are from same stall from the afternoon-night session in Restoran Assam Pedas, it is not must eat, but is prob mid-high in terms of taste, not bad

5. Sushi Mentai for affordable sushi, their mix tempura, and mix salad are tasty order on top of items from kaiten belt

6. Basil Pasta which we have visited 4 or 5 times, pasta portion are big. Their carbonara, Japanese clam pasta, mushroom soup, gnocchi are tasty. Aglio olio is ok (prawn in the added seafood looks processed in chemical which keeps it springy, can see it looks a bit transparent). Find their mushroom beef Bolognese is bad, it tasted a bit tomato ketchup-y and the beef stringy and not properly minced, had a pasta with meatball whereby the meatball is dry.

overall, after recent revisit(Feb 2023, 3 photos below), don’t think I want to go back. The clam risotto is not as good as Alexis’s lemon sea prawn risotto, just felt like it is salty from salt, not from fragrant saltiness of parmesan stock. The aglio olio again with seafood which looks to be plumped from chemical especially the fat squid. The pesto pasta is a bit saltier than I like and don’t have much pesto frgrant, and there is some weird addition of crunchy french beankuchai lama basil pasta

kuchai lama basil pasta

kuchai lama basil pasta

7. Restoran 38 Fishball, in Taman United(very near to kuchai lama), the shop has been around since more than 30 years old. Their fare is simple: fish ball, fish cake, fish dumpling, minced meat

Below fish cake soup noodle, RM9, the noodle is generous, enough for a big eater. Remember to go early, below 11am, else you risk their fishball running out, which is what happen to us on a Sunday morning.

Do not recommend to get large portion cos the noodle is too much even for a big eater



8. VG chicken rice, Restoran Hao Wan
, their blanched chicken is using kampung chicken. I find it just so so cos the rice like not freshly cooked, and the chicken barely got any meat, but will give this another try one try just cos they using kampung chicken, their ginger and chili sauce is quite yummy though

kuchai lama chicken rice
chicken rice kuchai lama
kuchai lama prawn meeipoh hor fun is quite tasty, yum

kuchai lama pork noodle

kuchai lama pork noodle
Above is pork noodle from restaurant Hao Wan, taste ok, no vege at all which is a no for me, so won’t be having this again

9. Kei Tak coffee shop fish paste noodle, this is actually a corner shoplot restaurant in Happy Garden (just next to Kuchai Lama), I like their clear soup a lot, below cost RM8.50 (each piece of yong tau foo cost RM2), will try curry soup next time, they open till about 2pm and closed every Monday & Tuesday

Kei Tak fishball

KuchaiLamaBreakfast_kei tak fish paste

10. Restoran Mirror Head steamed fish

Below Australian Jade perch is recommended by the shop, it cost RM52, enough for 2. It is a good place to eat reasonably priced steamed fish. We also ordered vege (french bean) and steamed soup, totaled RM84 for 2 pax. Fish is fresh, but we find the soy sauce taste to not taste as good as those 9 course dinner’s soy sauce taste

mirror head steamed fish

mirror head steamed fish

mirror head steamed fish

mirror head steamed fish

mirror head steamed fish

mirror head steamed fish
Below revisit where we had seven star fish as I was requesting for fish is not rear, but caught from sea/river, and they mention to try this fish and do “warn” that this fish is frozen and need to be defrosted. Once ordered, they quickly go and take the fish out for defrosting before taking down rest of our order. The fish is steamed quite badly, it is tough and meat is quite tasteless, I think it is due to its not properly defrosted and steamed longer to ensure it is cooked but at the end make the meat tough
mirror head

11. Restoran Ming Yang, diagonally opposite from Leong Wei coffee shop, below is Kolo mee from the coffee soup, I like the soup provided as it comes with slices of radish. Noodle wise, I prefer the one from SRK (just nearby, but around double the price from this one). SRK one has more shallot oil/lard oil aroma than this, and there is unfortunately no green cili provided, only cili padi

kuchai lama ming yangkuchai lama kolo mee

Below is tapau-ed version

kuchai lama ming yang
kuchai lama curry rice

kuchai lama curry rice

Above Penang Curry rice (in Ming Yang restaurant) opens from 3:30pm onwards(rest day is on alternate Wednesdays) it looks simple, and the dishes are barely warm, but the flavours are nice(must take their curry vege) and quite cheap, one of the must eats in kuchai lama. Try go early, 6pm or earlier, as the dishes runs out even by early 7pm. Go for this night session Penang curry rice, cos the early session: breakfast/early lunch(at same stall) is manned by different personkuchai lama breakfast above is pan Mee stall located outer end of coffee shopkuchai lama breakfast

Pan Mee is quite bad, soup feels msg laden, and the rest of ingredient and noodle is mediocre, don’t bother eating thisming yang ming yang

above is pork noodle in Ming Yang, slightly above average for taste and is one of the more popular stall in this coffee shop, however is not something I will revisit, one of it being their minced pork pieces are pre-cooked and not freshly cooked

12. How Yee Kee(houyikeh) Bak Kut Teh, Jalan 1/128, Taman Gembira, open for dinner 5pm onwards. We ordered 1 pax bak kut teh(RM17)+vege+chicken feet, all for RM35, reasonably cheap meal for 2. There are packed with customer, seems to be a popular restaurant.

kuchai lama bkt

kuchai lama bkt

kuchai lama bktkuchai lama BKT

kuchai lama BKT
Above is braised pork, their braised pork leg is quite yummy with lots of gelatinous pork skin, we also ordered a vege BKT. Overall, their braised pork leg taste is much better than BKT. The bak kut teh soup don’t really have deep aroma etc, a bit one tone salt-ish BKT soup

13. Mamak stall in Happy Garden(near Mirror head steamed fish restaurant, they are 3 road side mamak stall, including one with the famed roti Gembira which I think looks like roti bom)

below is one of it Restoran Menazir which I find their dhal curry taste better(is thicker than the other 2 stalls which are watery like curry) than the opposite stall & the other stall(gembira), and their roti telor at RM2.50 is cheaper than opposite stall, the opposite stall items seems to be 50cent more expensive than others(at least for their their roti telor and teh halia). Menazir’s dhal was piping hot when I visited as well

happy garden food

happy garden food

14. Kuchai Lama pasar malam

This Tou foo Fa is among the top touFoFar I have, this guy is very meticulous and feels like he is soy bean master… Lol, he pack everything nicely, and their TFF is very smooth and has enough soybean taste, I always get it with his ginger sugar. Their TFF is better than the other stall in this pasar malam. The TFF in happy garden pasar malam (Monday night) under Black & White brand is also not good, diluted soybean taste and expensive(>RM3).

Happy garden got another pasar malam(Saturday) which has 3 TFF stall, but I forgot how it compares

kuchai lama pasar malam

kuchai lama pasar malam this is a very popular po piah stall in the pasar malam, taste not bad

15. One To Six Kopitiam, Happy Garden

happy garden kuchai lama food
happy garden kuchai lama foodhappy garden nasi lemak

Above is nasi lemak from One To Six kopitiam, RM2, tasty nasi lemak which pack a good spicy punch

Below is fish paste noodle(taste usual normal) and prawn noodle(quite tasty)

kuchai happy garden breakfast

kuchai happy garden breakfasthappy garden breakfastcan skip this wantan mee above as not fond of too sesame oil taste of the noodle sauce

happy garden breakfast
Above again is prawn Mee, but added few prawn wantan, prawn noodle is good but can skip the wantan. 
happy garden pan mee

happy garden pan mee
The pan mee above from One Two Six kopitiam can be skipped, the soup is not nice

16. Happy Garden morning market (situated just outside One To Six kopitiam)

Below is nasi lemak bought from 2 kuih stalls in the market, only RM1.40, not bad though I slightly prefer the one from One To Six Kopitiam

kuchai lama happy garden food
happy garden kuchai lama food
happy garden morning market

happy garden morning market
There is this stall above which sells eggs and only open on Mondays, their eggs are very fresh, the locals bring their own used egg containers here to stock up on their weekly egg needs…lol

17. Restoran Loon Loon/Kin Kee(near Happy Garden morning market)

The pork noodle in Loon Loon is quite tasty, the soup base is really yum, and the small portion cost only RM7, just wished there is more veg

happy garden kuchai lama food

happy garden kuchai lama food

happy garden kuchai lama food

happy garden kuchai lama foodkuchai lama breakfastrevisit, really like this pork noodle with tasty soup base, always good sign when they make their own garlic oil garnish

18. Restoran San Kee, near Happy Garden morning market 

kuchai lama happy garden food

Their pan Mee(RM8) is usual, nothing spectacular. The beef hot fun(RM13) though is very tasty, with wok hei, and not too salty, yumm, think I will just order the normal wat tan hor(without the beef) next time for more budget eat

happy garden breakfast

happy garden breakfast

happy garden breakfast

kuchai lama pork noodle
Don’t recall much on this pork noodle, I guess it tastes average

19. Thai Tae Kuchai Lama

63-1, Jalan Kuchai Maju 1, Off, Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

Below + 1 coconut & rice all for RM79, very tasty and spicy meal for two must try their food very yummy
kuchai lama Thai Tae

kuchai lama Thai Tae

kuchai lama Thai Tae

20. Choi’s Don & Dak(already closed as of July 2023)

 a simple looking Korean restaurant, saw row as Mr DIY, side dishes quite tasty. Sundubu(tofu egg stew) taste not bad, only quip is that it is very oily

 kuchai lama Korean food

kuchai lama Korean food

kuchai lama Korean food

21. Chok Kar Chong, happy garden

old Klang road breakfast old Klang road breakfast 1old Klang road breakfast old Klang road breakfast


food is quite tasty, but find the porridge may be a bit heavy laden with msg, so not my fav

22. Hakka Delights, happy garden, food is homey feeling, had the fish paste noodle is quite tasty, don’t recommend the wantan mee though(it don’t taste like wantan mee, just konlou taste, and no charsiew of you are expecting it, the vege is bayam which is not really match for wtm)

happy garden breakfast happy garden breakfast

23. Prawn Mee stall(under tree) in Jalan Rukun 4
Very nice light tasting prawn noodle, ample kangkung & beansprrout give it a nice crunch
happy garden prawn mee
24. Restoran Friendship / BC 7 Enterprise, same row as Snowflake Kuchai Lama

kuchai lama prawn noodle

kuchai lama yogoost

Prawn mee above (half eaten is really nice). Yogoost take away from its shop few doors away is quite watery, Yomie’s is much better(thick & more yogurt flavor)
kuchai lama breakfastchar kuey tiaw is not bad, can order this RM10. Their prawn mee is not bad as well. Many stalls here are operated by foreigner who looks to be working for the coffee shop owner, so choose wisely as they have some nice food(CKT & prawn mee) and some not so nice food, like below

kuchai lama breakfastoyster omelette don’t have the gooey texture I am looking for, very dry and don’t taste nice

kuchai lama breakfast
Pan Mee not so nice, the beef ball is mushy and don’t taste fresh

25. morning road side nasi lemak/nasi dagang stall (same road as Maybank kuchai lama)

There is very long queue so I bought a nasi lemak biasa (RM2) which I find just so so cos the rice is a bit hard, so far the best nasi lemak biasa I have around OUG, happy garden, kuchai lama area is from One To Six kopitiam in Happy Garden(no. 15 above)

Maybe their nasi dagang, lauk or their freshly fried chicken is nice, you could still give this a try

kuchai lama nasi lemak

26. Restoran ARJ (mamak, near to McDonald’s kuchai lama)

I can now see why this mamak shop is always packed with people, their food is priced quite reasonably cheap, about same as those roadside mamak. Roti telor RM2.5 etc

Below nasi goreng kampung is not bad as well, with lots of spiciness from cili padi

kuchai lama mamak

kuchai lama breakfast their nasi lemak so so, can skip

27. Yat Yat Lei
If you standing on the road facing Jin Xuan Dim sum, this is curry mee shop at your left. Don’t really like this curry mee, one of the reason being it has weird accondiment of a few pieces of fried wantankuchai lama curry mee

kuchai lama curry mee

kuchai lama curry mee
Below is revisit to Yat Yat Lei in July 2023 (RM8.50, among the cheaper priced one), told them not to put fried wantan, and they mention they don’t put it in curry mee… and this time there is limau kasturi which is a plus. This curry mee shop is much more popular than curry mee on the other side of Jin Xuan(Hing Kee), overall not bad and very generous with their meehoon portion, the curry broth has slight sweetness undertone which is not too bad but I can do without. Worth a try. This is very similar to Hing Kee, but I find yat yat Lei is slightly cheaper than Hing Kee, more meehoon & more broth, so I will go to Yat Yat Lei instead of Hing Kee

Yat Yat Lei

28. Hing Kee
This curry mee is quick tasty, the limau kasturi is a good sign if any curry mee has it. This shop is beside Jin Xuan dim sum as well. Taste is very similar to Yat yat lei, only this don’t have the slight sweetness which is a plus. But overall, I think I prefer Yat Yat Lei’s cos they meehoon portion and bowl is bigger, give slightly more soup etc
kuchai lama curry mee

kuchai lama curry mee
Hing Kee Kuchai

Hing Kee Kuchai
Don’t really like their pork noodle (I had mine with yee mee), it is just okay

29. New Lian Hin
happy garden curry mee

happy garden curry mee

happy garden curry mee
Above is 2nd visit, and they now charge RM10.50(after CNY), the most expensive hawker stall curry mee I have, decided not worth revisit

happy garden curry mee
Their black glutinous rice dessert drink is really tasty. Tried red bean dessert drink and wheat dessert drink as well on another visit which are less tasty

happy garden curry mee
Chicken rice is not bad, they have kampung chicken

30. Ah Hui Prawn Noodle (update: Apr 2023, shop has closed down)
Their Portion is more substantial than normal hawker stall, with whole egg etc, quite tasty as well, the price is also slightly more expensive than usual
kuchai lama prawn mee

kuchai lama prawn mee

31. Xin Mui Yuen kopitiam
kuchai lama breakfast portion quite big compared to other kopitiam, slightly average tasting, vege not really matching for pan mee but good for big eater

32. Sanuki Udon in Taman Desa
not in kuchai lama, but not too far away either. Very tasty to eat their udon with fried vege and chicken karaage

kuchai lama breakfast

33. Ma Zi pan mee(new opening in Feb 2023)

overall the soup base in nice, don’t feel thirsty afterwards, but nothing spectacular to re-warrant a revisit kuchai lama mazi pan mee kuchai lama mazi pan mee kuchai lama mazi pan mee

34. Morning nasi lemak stall in front fully seafood/Jin Xuan dim sum

This is currently one of my favourite nasi lemak in kuchai lama, only RM2 for nasi lemak kosong with generous rice, their sambal only suit my preference which is the non sweet kind. Yum~ kuchai lama nasi lemak

35. Pusat Penjaja Kuchai Entrepreneur Park

kuchai nasi lemak Pusat Penjaja Kuchai Lama Entrepreneur Park, somewhere near restaurant In-House kuchai nasi lemak Nasi lemak RM3 only, lots of ppl frequent this stall during breakfast time kuchai nasi lemak Cheap and filling, taste is so so but can try since it is cheap

36. KKK Food Court(opposite Riyang condominium, (update May 2023, the pan mee stall already not there, so sad)

Da Jie pan mee newly opened around Feb 2023. Their soup base tasted of ikan bilis and no msg

 Their pan mee among one of the top pan mee I have had, must try

kuchai lama pan mee

kuchai lama pan mee

kuchai lama pan mee

kuchai lama pan mee

kuchai lama pan mee

37. Sabah pork noodle

Find it so so, so won’t revisit
happy garden Sabah pork noodle

happy garden Sabah pork noodle

happy garden Sabah pork noodle
38. Lucky Alley coffee shop, in Jalan Lazat 1

The pan mee tasted quite nice, (my top pan mee is still a pan mee stall in Jinjang which I had since childhood) but don’t mind going back again for thishappy garden pan mee

happy garden pan mee

39. Ah Cai Sai Dou fish ball noodle

overall, a simple breakfast, quite niceah cai happy garden fishball ah cai happy garden fishball

40. Wang Tong Sui station

overall, their tong sui not too sweet, must go. I normally order their bubur Cha Cha which taste yum(although very little yam, like 1 or 2 piece if lucky… Hehe). Their wheat porridge (with corn bits) inside is very yum as well

can skip their nasi lemak, although portion is generous the curry chicken feels like cooked with curry powder only thus not fragrant, perhaps their chicken rendang(if avail) will taste better, and the nasi like normal rice no santan taste

overall, still must go for their dessert and the boss is very cheerful and nice person, he gave me some gingery soup(from their sweet potato dessert soup) to taste and taste very good gingery and just little sweetness

their red bean shaved ice is quite nice, but we will ask them not to put the colorful sprinkle next time.

Wang Tong Sui Wang Tong Sui Wang Tong Sui

41. aboutyu cafe, google map

hubs order pork belly stew while I ordered lamb stew, the photo on menu shown they looks different, but they came out looking almost same. Taste is quite good, my lamb meat are all quite broken up, would have prefer some big pieces. Originally wanted to have pasta but they don’t have pesto which is my preferred so went for stew. Overally, very filling(cos rice is a lot which is a plus point for me) and quite yummy

aboutyu happy garden aboutyu happy garden aboutyu happy garden

42. Lim Sheng claypot chicken rice, google map

overall, this chicken rice is mediocre, won’t go back, puchong Shi Yue Tian(along old klang road main road) is much more fragrant and tastier. kuchai lama claypot chicken rice kuchai lama claypot chicken rice kuchai lama claypot chicken rice

43. Restoran Mountain Hill, Google map

the dry noodle with dumpling (RM9.50) is not bad, while my Hakka mee, mid size (RM9) don’t taste nice, i find noodle is more like wantan mee. Not a place I will revisit although this place is very popular and filled to brim with customers

happy garden mountain hill happy garden mountain hill happy garden mountain hill

44. Kuchai Lama Jin Xuan

kuchai lama Jin Xuan

Overall, I find none of the dishes is worth the calories, will not come here again

45. December Bak Kut Teh, my favourite bkt, their soup version is better than Kuchai Lama’s houyikeh. You can order via ShopeeFood

December Bak kut teh December Bak kut teh December Bak kut teh December Bak kut teh December Bak kut teh December Bak kut teh

46. Sing Yeh pork noodle, Happy Garden, quite nice but also more expensive. My preferred is still the pork noodle in Happy Garden morning market, and also the one in Peninsular near OUG morning marketsing yeh pork noodle sing yeh pork noodle sing yeh pork noodle sing yeh pork noodle

47. JS Tasty pork noodle

i added pig kidney, and it smells! Never again

JS Tasty happy garden JS Tasty happy garden

48. Restoran 88 Tong Sui, my more frequented and favourite tong sui in Kuchai Lama, Sri Petaling, OUG area. Their tongsui not overly sweet, just a hint of sweetness and cheap at RM3(small);RM4.50(big). My fav are Bubur Chacha, black glutinous rice soup and wheat porridge(mak jok).

88 Tong Sui


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