Food around Jln Ipoh, Segambut, Jinjang, Kepong area

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1. Zheng Kee chicken rice

Situated in Taman Kok Doh(Segambut), one of the better one out there, will def revisit on and off although it is really quite expensive
segambut Zheng kee

2..Restoran Riverview Small Village

This restaurant been around for ages, looks good but tasted just okay, don’t think any of the dishes warrant revisit, all taste abit MSG-y

Jln ipoh riverview

Jln ipoh riverview

Jln ipoh riverview

Jln ipoh riverview
3. Gu Xiang Pan Mee road side stall, Taman Kok Doh (just short walk away from zheng kee chicken rice)
Their pan mee is not quite nice, more memorable is their dessert: many variety at reasonable price and not too sweet, will revisit
kok doh gu xiang pan mee

kok doh gu xiang pan mee

4. Hainanese Chicken Rice 传统海南鸡饭

In Batu 4 Jln Ipoh

To me, this is very nice chicken rice, even overheard diner say this is best chicken rice in Jln ipoh & Sentul. It doesn’t need long wait like Zheng kee and cheaper. Must try!

012-392 2992

jalan ipoh chicken rice

5. Jinjang pan mee

Have this since my primary school day, the dough is thicker and chewier, different from other pan mee, very nice, this stall can’t be found in Google map. They are open Monday-Saturday 2:30pm – 10pm. Same row as Tuaa Mark pan mee in Jinjang, must try!

jinjang pan mee

jinjang pan mee

jinjang pan mee

6. 巷仔海南鸡饭 Street Hainan Chicken Rice Shop (Metro Prima)

the soy sauce underneath chicken is slightly sweet which does not sit well with me who prefer savoury, overall Taman Kok Doh Zheng Kee & Jln Ipoh batu 4 chicken rice is better than this one, although this one is visited by famed HK star

kepong chicken rice kepong chicken rice

7. KL Four Season hotel’s Malaysia Boleh food court

the cendol here is among my top 3 (do ask them for less less sugar, cos less sugar is still like normal which is quite sweet), one con is parking in surrounding area is expensive, we normally park inside avenue K.

the wan tan mee is so so, the scoop-your-self green cili is the one attracted me to it four seasons kl food court four seasons kl food court four seasons kl food court

8. Restoran Argyle’s beef noodle. Google Map

overall, they are still quite generous with their beef portion, their broth is more light so might not be strong/flavourful enough for some, worth a tryjalan ipoh beef noodle jalan ipoh beef noodle

9. Miyatake Sanuki udon, google map

udon are quite heart in portion and yummy. Won’t say their chicken karaage is very nice but gotta try at least once, it is very tender and crispy, almost feel like you are eating fish and chips as it is quite big piece as well, I prefer karaage with more bite.mont kiara sanuki udon mont kiara sanuki udon mont kiara sanuki udon mont kiara sanuki udon

10. Nasi Lemak Angah, google map

overall, the nasi lemak is nice and generous portion(very generous with kacang and ikan bilis), price is relatively cheap as well which could explain the crowd, will revisitnasi lemak angah nasi lemak angah nasi lemak angah nasi lemak angah

11. Tuaa Mark pan mee, google map

Among the top pan mee in jinjang, quite nice, and very generous with my added shitake mushroom, but it just doesnt have the unique slight chew dough texture of my childhood-pan-mee just few shop away(which unfortunately don’t open on Sundays), but had to go to this Tuaa Mark instead. Maybe will try another pan mee in jinjang(Xiu Ye Mao)jinjang tuaa mark pan mee jinjang tuaa mark pan mee jinjang tuaa mark pan mee

12. Xiao Ye Mao pan mee, google map

We order big portion of noodle. The portion is big and taste ok(for my soup version). Whereas hubs give minus 2 stars for his gon1 lou1 version, he say the soy sauce is quite tasteless and he expected it to have his favourite anchovies. Overall won’t return for this. Online did recommend mixed curry version which we didn’t tryxiao ye mao jinjang pan mee xiao ye mao jinjang pan mee xiao ye mao jinjang pan mee

13. Tian Ya Ker pan mee in Chow Kit, google map

very nice pan mee, the dough is rolled by the strong old lady

tian ya ker pan mee tian ya ker pan mee


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