Taking IC photo for cheap, Mutiara Complex

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Just for own record, Mutiara Complex, Jalan Ipoh has 2 shops which you can take IC photos. Kedai Gambar Campbell (below pic) charging more expensive. It is better to go to a shop which sells photography equipment (reflective board, tripod etc), ie  DC Color Imaging System Sdn Bhd, so much cheaper


Website: DG Color Imaging

Address: DG Color Imaging System Sdn Bhd
568-1-18, Mutiara Complex, 3 1/2 Miles,
Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone: 603-6250-7782 / 4292


Glove reviews

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Ladies like to use hand cream. What better is “prevention is better than cure” ūüėĬ†Gloves will prevent hands from getting in touch with strong dishwashing detergent. So far these 2 are the more heavy duty ones out of quite a few which i have tried (Aeon value is really small though is medium size; Mr DIY ones doesn’t last long, and once bought a pair which is both for left hand) Above is from HeroMarket in TTDI, priced at RM 7.70… The size is a bit on the small size for this size:M, therefore recommend to size up to L. Bought a L size one, and the fit is perfect.


Above is the best gloves, i think it lasted for quite a while (can’t remember it is 3 months or 6 months) and still sturdy. Bought from Tesco, but i can’t remember which branch, and i seem can’t find them anymore ūüôĀ This glove is heavy duty, good thickness, and very good. Though it listed as “long cuff”, it is not super long, it is just nice for daily use. Price is around RM11 to RM15, can’t remember. This Rubberex is no longer sold in Tesco. But googling Rubberex and few phone calls later, i found it sold in Econmart in Taman Sentosa, Klang for RM9. Econmart: 03-5162 1300


MyUS – the best USA forwarding service i have so far

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In continuation to my latest experience with Global Shopaholics, though positive, i am almost on lookout for cheaper options.

The previous time is charger 16 lb (7kg) dimensional weight, though actual weight only 4kg. Shipping fee paid is US$93.46

For this time, i am trying my US as they are having promotion for Mastercard, free 1 year membership, with 30% off shipping fee for first month.  I got some items from USA site, and after repacked it is 5.3 lb, which is 2.5kg. I was charge total $53, after 30 discount, it is only $39.

When the package reach me, it is delivered to me via Fedex, the documents did said my purchase has RM58.22 Import GST and RM5 “Free Commercial Zone” charge, total RM63.22, but i am happy to say this import cost is bornt by FedEX, i don’t need to pay for this tax amount, unlike Comgateway/Global Shopoholics which uses DHL, and i need to pay these import tax and charge.

although i really don’t get how my purchase – worth USD 110 and shipping USD39, total is around USD150, which converted to about RM600 can incur RM63.22 charge. The document did say it is 6% tax, but it is more than 10% to me. Anyhoo, as long as i am not paying, it doesn’t really matter

I really like MyUS TruePrice: https://www.myus.com/benefits/shipping/true-price/ calculation method which does not take into consideration the dimensional weight. Save so much when items are like shoes which are generally larger dimensionally.

After trying Comgateway, and Global Shopaholics, i am seeing i think i will like MyUS much more due to TruePrice price calculation method.

No monetary / non-monetary paid to me to promote MyUS, go try MyUS, they have promo where by MasterCard user can get free 2 year membership, first month with 30% off shipping, subsequent months 20%: https://www.myus.com/welcome/mastercardpremium/

Below are my previous shopping experience:

Shipping from US To Malaysia (Aug 2009)

US Online Shopping using Comgateway DHL Delivery service, deliver to Malaysia (Sept 2010)

Comgateway vs Borderlinx (Dec 2012)

Comgateway vs Global Shopaholics vs Borderlinx (February 2017)


Invited Review: A Cut Above, Midvalley Megamall

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Thank you A Cut Above for sponsoring this review. This come timely as I am going for wedding photoshoot soon. Above is the before photo: my very unkempt hair


I choose their Ammonia free hair coloring called INOA by Loreal. It is odorlous, optimal scalp comfort, suitable for those who wants to colour their hair but concern about chemical harshness of normal hair coloring.


With the recommendation from friendly senior stylist Davis, i chose the warm brown series: 6,34, the lowest left most. I at first wanted red, but he said red is¬†hard to maintain, will turn to a unsightly copper after awhile. Warm brown is suitable for those who prefer easy maintenance, and it won’t have a harsh 2-tone-hair as the root grows out.


Above is after hair stylist JoAnne applied the hair coloring on my hair. After awhile, Davis came to examine my hair, and conclude the colour can be washed out after about 15 minutes.


After washing out the color with Loreal INOA organic shampoo Рsame range as the hair coloring, JoAnn applied hair treatment on my hair. My hair turned so soft and no more tangling after this treatment.


Wrap the whole head in cling wrap, and leave the hair treatment on for 20 minutes.


Trim the unsightly ends, and blow drying


Tada… The color is not obvious in indoor light, actually it is quite hard to tell i have done hair colour in indoor lighting, it just doesn’t dark-rich-colour-but-not-really black, somehow the above photo able to capture the color. I find the color is not very obvious indoor, the color¬†look rich and shiny indoor, nice!


For photoshoot, you can opt for slightly lighter color than what i had. My color is very slight, Davis say the color will turn 1 shade lighter after awhile, suitable for low maintenance or those looking into hair coloring for the first time Рperhaps wanting to cover some grey and not wanting something too drastic.
Address: A Cut Above Mid Valley Megamall
S054 & S055 2nd Floor Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur,
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur,

Phone:+60 3-2938 3131


Buy from US Website: Comgateway vs Global Shopaholics vs Borderlinx

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I had previously used Comgateway Рaround 3 times, the items always arrive prompt and perfectly, as they are using DHL, but they are a tad expensive, so i am trying out new forwarder hoping to get better rates. So, i am trying out Global Shopaholics this time

My previous 3 post on buying stuff from the US:

Rambling on few forwarders

My experience with Comgateway

One of my shipment with Comgateway which is $140 shipment fee!


My 7 pairs of shoes was repack nicely into a box, actually weight only about 4kg after repacked and consolidated into above box, it is billed for 16lb (about 7kg) because dimentionally it is large.

I got a shock when i log in and was shown the shipping fee is $170!!! Turn out that is only the initial estimation, and the final shipping fee is much reduced to US$93.46 after repacking and consolidating of 3 or 4 shipments.

According to Global Shopaholics, shipping charge for is US$93.46 for 1lb. When i proceed for payment, there is 2 additional item billed, ie US$ 5 processing change (minimum $5 for each shipment Рwhich is for 5 packages, any additional package is $1 each) & $4.33 bank fee, so total shipment paid is about US$102

One thing i am not fond of is that they don’t have a pay rate per kg or lb kind of table. Unlike, Comgateway who has this rate table table for each country. For comgateway, their current rate for shipping to Malaysia is like below:

First 0.5kg $20.75

Subsequent 0.5kg 3.25

fuel surcharge: around US$ 10

repack: depends [$7 for box cut down / $5 box to bag (per package!!!)]

insurance: around US$3

So for shipping of my shoes (billable weight 7kg), shipping charge would be only US$63 with Comgateway. But from my previous 3 or 4 shipments with Comgateway, they will charge fuel surcharge and insurance, so minimum will add about additional US$13 i think, making total US$76, which is still much cheaper than G.S.’s $102.

But one of my previous shipment with Comgateway, i actually have 6 packages, and they charge me a whopping $30 repack fee due to having to repack all of them. So making total $76 + 30 = $106.

Back to G.S, for my this shipment with Global Shopaholics, once the shipment reach me, i paid another total MYR135 in custom and handling charge (paid before hand by DHL, G.S is also using DHL by the way)

Basically, anything worth more than MYR500 (including shipping fee) will be charged by Malaysia custom. For this package of shoes:

Item declared value: US$200

Shipping charge: US$102

So, the malaysia custom add them to totaled $302, converted to MYR (exchange rate: 4.6252) to about RM1,376. For this time i got charge 6% tax, ie RM1396 * 6% = RM82.56. And DHL charge me RM53 listed as disbursment Fee!!!! So there goes RM135 to be paid to DHL when the items get delivered to your house.

so to buy US$200 worth of shoes, i paid US$102 shipping fee + RM135 custom fee! So much for buying stuff from US

Conclusion, i think both companies are comparable, the price is comparable, but i have a slight leaning towards Global Shopaholics because there is no repack or consolidation fee, also free 180 days storage, where Comgateway only 30 days free storage. With that leeway in storage days, you can buy from multiple shop in 1 or 2 months span, then combine them to ship them over.

Although some online mentioned about Viabox being reasonably priced, but their rate is actually quite expensive for shipping to Malaysia, maybe it is cheap to other countries like Singapore etc.

Another shipping company – Borderlinx seems to offer better rate than G.S $82 for 16lb item, but they do collect tax and duties amounting US$28 which i am not sure what that’s for, probably for paying to custom, which converted to about MYR129, about the same as what i paid the customer for my shipment using G.S. So you may give Borderlinx a try. Borderlinx is 30 days storage only by the way.

Actually i think all these 3 companies’s – Comgateway/G.S./Borderlinx rate as around the same. For now, i think i will stick to Global Shopaholics, because i like their fixed rate for US$5 for repack+consolidation, and free 180 storage although i won’t store it past 1 month normally.

And also for Global Shopaholics, i don’t quite like it that they need the 3 digits security number if you gonna pay using credit card, so i used Paypal for payment instead.

Website: Comgateway

Website: Global Shopaholics.com

Website: Borderlinx


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