Pastry Pro Christmas Baking Class, Kepong

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Pastry Pro is the largest supplier of bakery & confectionery ingredients, utensils, equipment and machines. The sells chocolate, ice cream mix, bread mix, cake mix, waffle/pancake mix, nuts, jam & fillings, flavors & toppings, colouring, frozen fruit, halal gelatin, edible printing, marzipan, flexipan, teflon sheet, decorative ribbons, chef’s hat, pull sugar equipment, air brush equipment, doughnut cutters, oven, mixer, blast freezer, soft serve machine, chocolate tempering machine etc.

Their food ingredients are hotel grade, and their customers are mostly hotels, F&B restaurants etc. They do have a retail shop in their premise for home bakers to get some good quality baking ingredients.

Went to their Christmas baking class last week, RM38 with RM10 cash voucher. Recipe of the day are ginger cookies, Christmas cup cakes, chocolate brownies and fragola and Vaniglia(a simple whipped cream dessert)


Above is basic cupcake waiting to be frosted and decorated, ginger cookie at the back, love their ginger cookies.


Cupcake frosted with real buttercream, not some shortening or margerine mixture….


decorated with sugary pieces


Chocolate brownie, baked in a ring mould based with parchment paper


after putting in the chocolate mousse and chocolate covering, chef blow torch the ring mould to unmould the cake


a rich chocolate mousse cake, made with Felchlin Maracaibo 65%, a chocolate which is as good as Valrhona but slightly cheaper. Pastry Pro selling Felchlin Maracaibo 65% for RM22.35(250g pack).


A simple whipped cream dessert with strawberry and vanilla flavoring, decorated with chocolate curls and strawberry.


feasting time, chef brought out more of the dessert prepared before hand. It is more than enough for all 30 of us who went for this baking class on a Saturday morning 10am-1:00pm


2 more square cakes prepared before hand was brought out too. Yummy although it can be a bit too rich, a small piece will be sufficient.

Overall, I like the ginger cookie the most which is made with Felchlin california almond paste, Dreidoppel Lebkuchen Spice mix and pure ground ginger, the recipe could use an extra pinch of ginger, the ginger taste is not prominent enough.

Address: Pastry Pro Sdn Bhd (owned by Growth Concept Sdn Bhd) they have distributors in Langkawi, Penang, Perak, Johor, Pahang, Sabah & Sarawak.

8, Jalan 3/37A, Industrial Area,

Taman Bukit Maluri,


52100 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 603-6272 1155

Fax: 603-6272 1188

Website: Pastry Pro

Facebook: Pastry Pro Facebook


Nathalie Gourmet Studio Macaron Class, taught by Nathalie Arbefeuille

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Macaron Class taught by french chef Nathalie who heads Nathalie Gourmet Studio in Solaris Dutamas(near Solaris Dutamas Pappa Rich) We were taught to make 3 kinds of macarons: Chocolate Macaron with chocolate ganache, macarons with raspberry fillings and those with salted caramel fillings. Love the selection, had been wanting to know how salted caramel taste like.

Macaron base has 4 main ingredients: ground almond, icing sugar, egg white and caster sugar. Almond meal + icing sugar which has been broken up in a blender and sieved again to make sure it is airy and lump free.

We start off making a paste using ground almond+icing sugar+cocoa powder+egg white + valrhona chocolate! valrhona is like the Creme de la Mer in the choco-world, with 70% cocoa butter, cost RM100 plus per kg), unlike previous macaron baking with rohani jelani, Nathalie uses a Italian method of making macaron, it is slightly more complicated as it uses a sugar thermometer in certain stage of mixing to ensure the mixture is in certain temperature or range of temperature…


Nathalie showing up how to pipe macaron


pipped chocolate macaron shells, ikea placemat come in handy


piped macaron shells


meringue for salted caramel macaron. Piping caramel coloured macaron shells


Yeah~ we were given some lovely dessert: some profiterole/cream puff lookalike, but with hard sugar glazing; and chocolate mousse with chestnut puree


making chocolate ganache using valrhona chocolate buttons and whipped cream, nathalie shared with us that she uses President brand whipped cream as some other whipped cream contains stabilizers. melting the chocolate button with warmed whipped cream. We also made raspberry jam and salted caramel, this is interesting, didn’t know that you can actually heat sugar, just sugar, no water in a pan, and it will melt and turn into caramel color, bubbling violently.


filling in the chocolate ganache


pretty chocolate macarons


pipping in raspeberry jam


pretty as well


assembling caramel macarons


salted caramel macarons


une, duex, trois flavors


Nathalie Arbefeuille


packing up, each of us got 12 to bring home.

I love Nathalie’s pick of macaron flavor for the class, they are unique(salted caramel ones, with sea salt added)… She have tested that if she further reduced sugar amount by 10g for the macaron shells, the macaron shells won’t hold its shape well, and the texture will be different. There is good balance of sweetness in the macarons, all the filling are not sweet, to balance up with the sweet macaron shells. However, i will probably use French method of making macaron shells which is easier (don’t have to buy sugar thermometer), but will use Nathalie’s recipes for the fillings(salted caramel and chocolate are the ones i’ll probably try to make)

Nathalie Gourmet Studio is an interesting restaurant, only open from 9am – 6pm, closed on Sundays and their menu changes every month!

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My previous macaron baking with Rohani Jelani

Website: Nathalie Gourmet Studio

Address: Nathalie Gourmet Studio

Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio

A-4-1-5 Dutamas Solaris,

Jalan Dutamas, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone: 03-6207 9572


Mighty Macaron Baking Class by Rohani Jelani, Bayan Indah Culinary Resort, Sungai Pencala(near TTDI/Damansara Perdana)

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Went for Rohani Jelani’s class using a gift voucher given by friend, macaron have always fascinates me and it is THE dessert that i wish i could make and it is also the one recipe which i will not want to venture in on my own, it just looks so impeccably fine and delicate. Heard of the famous macaron from France’s Pierre Herme’s store and upscaled bakery store in Paris called Lauduree, finally putting my hands on macaron making. Before this day, i only had macaron once, i think bought from Delicious in 1 Utama, and have never thought of making them because it just seems to far out of my league. With the experienced and cool chef like Rohani, i managed to make one batch successfully, smooth top, and with “foot”

Above is kitchen in Bayan Indah
dining hall next to kitchen

another view of dining hall

left: pathway

right: fish pond

Rohani let us eat macaron before we even made them, these above she made previous day. They are coffee and green tea(foreground); plain and orange(background)

ingredients needed for making macaron are all weight exactly and layed out for us.

Left: fold in the almond+icing sugar into beaten egg white.

Right: put into piping bag

I made pistachio flavor macaron with ginger buttercream

Left: almond meal + grounded pistachio mixed with beaten egg white

Right: into piping bag

My tray of piped pistachio macaron

coffee macaron made by others

Left: boiling sugar syrup

Right: sugar syrup boiling hard

Left: egg yolk for making buttercream

Right: pour boiling sugar syrup in a slow and steady stream

Finished basic butter cream, there is loads of butter going into this, it doesn’t taste like butter however, just taste deliciously creamy and nice, I didn’t even know i had down 4 macarons with loads of butter in it during tasting time… hahaha, they are just delicious, maybe a little too sweet, however this is how macaron suppose to be: sweet and very colorful, the sweetness can’t be help as it need sugar to hold its structure… making macaron is like science, everything must be exact and precise.

Left: My tray all baked within 14 minutes

Right: all easy lifted up from baking sheet, they don’t stick 🙂

Closed up, the have nice foot, perhaps next time should have thicker ones and have higher “feet”… hehe…

Basic butter cream, mix the minced ginger into it

Finished product: ginger buttercream filled pistachio macaron, so pretty!

Some other people making coffee macaron with luscious vanilla buttercream, with speckles of real vanilla beans

Cute as a button rose water flavor macaron filled with lychee buttercream and chocolate ones filled with orange buttercream

Left: my take home pack

Right: yummy nyonya styled fish with nasi dagang provided for us 🙂

Macaron is not an easy thing to make, it is more than meet the eye recipe, and weighing each ingredients accurately, most importantly the techniques which is best learnt thru hands on experience.

Some references on making macaron:

Not Derby Pie

David Lebovitz

La Tartine Gourmande

Veronica’s Test Kitchen experiment on macaron and caramel fleur de sel macaron at Kitchen Musings

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Address: Lot3343, Kg Palimbayan Indah, Sungai Penchala (near TTDI/Damansara Perdana etc)

Website: Rohani Jelani


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