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Posted by vivien | Journal | Tuesday 15 September 2009 12:35 pm
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hi all,

I have just migrated my blogspot account (http://ho-jiak.blogspot.com) to own domain (http://www.dishwithvivien.com). Please update your bookmark or link to my site. The RSS subscription should works fine, i have set it up to feed from DishWithVivien.com 😀

I am still in middle of tweaking here and there, it is not quite done yet, but overall, everything have been migrated over.


Ho-Jiak.blogspot.com is 1 year old, a walk down memory lane

Posted by vivien | Blog Anniversary | Monday 14 September 2009 12:01 am
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This is a scheduled post.

During this 1 year, i have blogged on various eateries, some of the must-go list are:
Sugimoto Japanese Restaurant in Hartamas
Popeyes Louisina Kitchen
Ikea Food Court
Gelatissimo Ice Cream
Dubrovnik, Mont Kiara Solaris
Happy Meal Durian Puff near Petaling Street
Steamboat King, Jalan Ipoh
Pan Mee, Jinjang
Crystal Jade Kitche, Pavillion Shopping Mall
Kin Heng Restaurant, Jalan Ipoh
Delicious, Bangsar Shopping Centre
My favourite post (other food related and non-food related post)
Sekeping Serendah Retreat
How to Make Swiss Roll
Recipe: Pavlova
Camera Survey Among Food Bloggers
Food Exhibition Attended
Epicure Malaysia 2008
MIFB 2009, Malaysia Internation Food and Beverage Exhibition
During this one year, i am pretty much on a roll, churning out 1 post every other day, averagely, looking back, it is kinda crazy, but i enjoy blogging bout food basically anything food-related 😛 Good thing they is always gym exercise(swimming, elliptical machine) to keep my weight in check, however tummy is starting to show even though my weight is maintained… hahaha… probably from the occasionally over stretching of the stomach wall during some serious buffet chowing.
Photos in this blog have been blurred and over exposed consistently, mainly i am unwilling to spend on camera, and i am still in love with my cute-size camera, Pentax Optio S4 which weight only 115g with battery, hard to beat that when i don’t really want to be recognised as a hard-core foodie with big flashes and more noticeable camera… 😛 Might borrow my mum’s Olympus FE-20 which double the megapixe if i really want to take better photos. Anyway, food blogging can be boring after a while, when you have “review” so much eateries, just feel like you are doing the same thing over and over again, that’s why i tend to try to mess up some recipes without over-following the recipes, just a twit here and there to use up whatever ingredients which is already at home… food is suppose to be fun, creative, experimental, carefree, and not bogged down by feeling of trying to fill up blogs with post after post, however that is also what i hope for… “Variety is the spice of life” definitely applies for me when it comes to food, won’t stress so much about having perfect photos while eating, just so the food don’t get cold/melt etc when it is my turn to enjoy foooood. Also try to chip in a few non-food-related post to give my food-overloaded mind a break… hahaha
Just in case anyone interested in my camera survey, i did some serious documentation(sort of), including what camera food bloggers’ are using for their blog.
At the mean time, thank you for all my “fans/stalkers” etc for follow this humble blog of mine, which i share on everything food(and occasionally non food-related) which tickles my fancy, this is where i share my fun food adventure 🙂
So back to business… hehe, please leave your comment about this 1-year-old-blog of mine, which area you think can be improved? what attracts you to my site? 🙂 How to increase unique visitors, so that this blog will be so popular that i don’t have to work anymore… hahaha… anything you would like to say…


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