W Mart, Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Sungei Besi

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Saturday 26 December 2015 1:24 pm
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W Mart Sungei Besi_1

This is a small supermarket you have to check out, opened on December 11, 2013.

Operating hours:

Monday – Saturday: 8am – 7pm

Sunday / Public holiday: 9am – 7pm

W Mart Sungei Besi_2

so many of durian tart and cheese tart in their shelves, didn’t try any though

W Mart Sungei Besi_3

this is the blueberry cheese tart

W Mart Sungei Besi_4

the frozen berries are really cheap here, good for those who bake a lot. Frozen blueberries only RM22.96 for 1 kg, really good deal, when fresh blueberry sold in supermarket is more than RM10 for mere 125g. Strawberries/Cranberries and raspberries are available here as well

W Mart Sungei Besi_5

Fleur de sel

They also sell david blackmore wagyu, various fishes including chicken fish, parrot fish etc… It is a small supermarket but worth checking it out at least once.

Address: W Mart

No 9, Jalan Dua,

Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin,

Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 03-9222 3853

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FCup Cookie from Japan

Posted by vivien | Product | Thursday 20 August 2009 11:16 am
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FCup Cookie(a “breast enhancing cookie”) is hot selling product in Japan or so claimed, available in soy milk and chocolate flavour. It claims to help growth of mammary gland which increases the fat of breasts. It contains 8 essential amino acids which can be found in Pueraria Mirifica and soy milk. Results can be seen as early as 3 weeks, and recommended to take this cookie for at least 2 months continuously, 2 cookies a day with plenty of water. Reason that it could also be a diet food because as the cookies absorbs water, it swells and thus giving you a feeling of being full.
Other ingredients in this cookie includes Sorbitol, Expanding Agent, Quasi-Chocolate, Anatto(Food Colouring), Carotin(food colouring), shortening, sucrose, caramel coloring, red clover and carotenoid.
Above is Fcup cookie being sold in Sasa, 30pcs pack for RM168, and 14pcs pack for RM88(current promotion RM80)
Fcup cookie also being sold in Inbox, 30pcs is RM140 (marked down from normal price of RM168)
Beside that, Inbox also sell Fcup tea, which has fresh tea scents gently relax your nerve and help in sleeping.
If i were to calculate using normal price RM168, and their recommendation of eating continuosly for at least 2 months, 2 pieces a day, it will cost me RM168 * 4 = RM672… hmmm… anyway no matter how they claim it is natural, i still find it kinda unnatural to consume cookie for… how i wish… haha
Anyone has experience with this? the efficacy of this product…
Website: FCup Cookie
Asean Sole Distributor: Cason Trading Sdn Bhd
Email: cason [at] fcup-asean.com
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Spice Girl eat F-Cup Cookie
Gizmodo.com (selling 4pcs pack too)


Silver Queen by Ceres, Chocolate from Bandung Indonesia

Posted by vivien | Product | Tuesday 24 February 2009 12:53 pm
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Friend bought this from her trip to Bandung. I lurve cashew *heart*
anything with cocoa butter in it is good 🙂


Instant Mushroom Congee with chicken

Posted by vivien | Product | Sunday 8 February 2009 9:24 am
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This is instant porridge, just steep the dehyrated content in boiling hot water, wait for 2-3 minutes, and behold, a porridge that doesn’t look and taste instant at all.
I got this from Jusco supermarket at RM2.60, but you can also buy it from Tesco. Don’t think they selling it in other supermarket in Malaysia. Product of China – ZhuHai, claim not to have preservative, chemical colouring or flavor.
put out 2 pieces of dehyrated content into a bowl
it will soften, then just mix it throughly
they comes in 3 flavors:mushroom chicken, vegetarian and scallop egg. The other 2 flavors are forgettable, but you gotta try mushroom chicken
highly recommended


Tim Tam, Australia’s favourite chocolate cookie

Posted by vivien | Product | Sunday 1 February 2009 5:59 am
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Have you seen this cookie? bet you have, in fact i only start seeing this cookie less than a year ago. Hearing how this is famed as Australian’s favourite, one day i pick up a packet of it at Giant, selling for RM2.99. However it taste sweet, not as in chocolatey sweet, but sugary sweet. so flipped to the other side of the package…
Tim Tam “not for sale in Australia or New Zealand”? Product of Indonesia, i feel kinda conned, nah, just that i tot this RM2.99 is the real thing.
so, one day, i browse through Tim Tam in Cold Storage, the actual stuff is selling at 3 times the price of the “indonesian product”!
and made in Australia
I didn’t pick up a pack as it is just too pricey… meh
Website: Arnott’s Tim Tam


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