No-knead bread by Mark Bittman (Jim Lahey of Sullivan Street Bakery)

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This recipe i tried is from Mark Bittman (a celebrity chef of TV show “How to cook everything”, and food blogger of “NY Times”…). He got this recipe from Jim Lachey of Sullivan Street Bakery, located in New York City. Check out his blog at

Note: I don’t recommend you try this recipe, as this bread is rusticly chewy and slight sourish, anyway recipe taken from

What so interesting bout this bread is that you don’t need to do the dirty works, namely kneading the bread, thus called No-knead bread.

Mix all the ingredients, all 4 of them
1. flour, here i use 2 cup all purpose flour and 1 cup wholemeal flour.
2. instant yeast
3. salt
4. water!
That’s so simple, mix it all up with a chopstick here.

all mixed up

sealed it up with saran wrap

all poof up after ~ 18 hours in room temperature(no direct sunlight). Recipe recommend 12-18 hours in room temperature.

during this time, take out the dough, shape it into a ball, coat the dough with adequate flour to prevent it from sticking to your hand, put into a container layered with cotton towel, top it off with another cotton towel, and let it rise till double in size. (~ 1 hour)

Heat the pyrex for about 30 minutes in very high heat 230 celcius. Making sure the pyrex is throughly heated will prevent the bread dough from sticking to the container while baking.

here with the bread dough inside, with pyrex covering it. Here, the bread will be “steamed”.(~ 30 minutes) and remove cover and bake for another 15 minutes making sure it is beautiful brown. ;p

Finished product. As you can see, i dust on too much flour, flour tapped off on the side.

cross section.

Well, this is a fun recipe to try. you don’t need to get dirty and it is actually quite easy, just make sure you have time to wait round(waiting it to rise, heating pyrex, “steaming”, baking…)

After baking, you can eat one piece and throw the rest away if it is not nice… jk, or throw it a someone if you are angry, haha, homemake bread is full of substance, it is not light for sure… haha


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