IceIce Baby, Auto-City, Prai, Penang

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For lunch, we went to Auto-City, Prai. It has blocks of auto shops, restaurants etc. A lot of high end restaurants here. You can see Auto-City if you are on North South highway from KL to Penang, it is to your left, just past the Juru toll station.
front entrance of IceIce Baby cafe, next to Starbucks, it is fusion food of Japanese-Taiwanese-French…
Back entrance of IceIce Baby
Inside the cafe
Lunch promotion
I am ordering Ebiko Chicken Teriyaki Rice price at RM8.90, cheap
drinks selection
finger food
orange juice RM4.90, Apply and Celery juice(RM5.90), mango smoothie(RM6.90)
Ebiko and chicken rice, disappointing as the food is cold, seems like they just mixed all the pre-cooked item together, along with dashes of soy sauce.
curry baked rice. RM9.90
fried chicken wings, looks dry and over fried, but it taste very delicious, juicy meat within. RM6.90
IceIce Baby Address:
1821-G3, Jalan Perusahaan,
13600, Prai
Auto-City Address:
1688-F8, Jalan Perusahaan, Highway Auto-City,
North-South Highway Juru Interchange,
13600, Prai,
Telephone: 04- 5011 222
Operating Hour:
Mon-Thurs: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Fri, Sat, Sun and Public Holiday: 11:30am – midnight
Price: Service Charge 10% (i don’t think they are eligible to bill service charge as their turn over prob not over 3 million per annum, Service Tax in Restaurant… )
Website: Highway Auto-City – 1 Stop Auto & Food


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