Almond Biscotti

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Thursday 26 February 2009 7:15 am
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This Recipe is taken from JOM MAKAN! GOOD FOOD TREK. My first exposure to biscotti is probably in Starbucks where my uni friend-Ice, who is an avid Starbuck fan influence me to it. It usually comes in Almond flavor, chocolate hazelnut etc. It is a healthy and hearthy cookie.
Above is ground almond which is required in this recipe. You can buy it in Cold Storage or Carrefour for RM3.20(60g). Although this list looks daunting, i am pretty much determined to make them, most if not all. I brought it to office and they are 3 orders for it, will “deliver” it next week 🙂 will sell for RM15 for a box, guess this price is alright. As much as i like experimenting food, selling food is usually not as fun, the “stress” of making them in bulk, and the hygiene… and i don’t know how much the food can store, the need to handle “customer inquiry”… but it is always a dream if i can earn a living by doing what i like, which is basically all matters related to food.
Texture of this biscotti is nice, not as rock hard as my previous attempt using another recipe.
Sugar, egg, vanilla and NO OIL. yep, you heard right, biscotti mostly have no oil as it is usually eaten by dunking it in hot coffee.
beat it
till it becomes frothy as above
sifted flour, ground almond and whole almond
mix the almonds into the floor
mixing process
shape it into log shape, the rightmost is the first i made, which is the better looking one, towards the left, the dough is sticking too much to my hand as i didn’t flour my hand…
finished the first half baking process (biscotti means twice baked cookie, it is baked initially for bout 15 mins, let it cool, then sliced it diagonally, then baked till crisp)
let it cool
sliced it diagonally into long shape
finished product, after baking another 10 minutes
Anyone want to buy can email me at vivien_1223 at
haha, just for fun, don’t really think people will order from me… haha


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  1. Comment by Syahani — April 19, 2010 @ 4:07 pm

    Hi. I have been selling homemade biscotti for 2 years now. I would like to share some tips. To get nice log, do wet your hand a bit. Don’t worry it won’t spoilt your dough. The result, you gonna get nice log. Do visit my blog for others flavors that you can do. i used this recipe:

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