Carrot cake with walnut

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Friday 20 February 2009 12:59 pm
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This recipe taken from Whipped. This is probably the most common variation of carrot cake, which is with walnut, but with a slight twist, using cooked and mashed carrot instead of the usual shredded.
liquid ingredients: egg, oil and vanilla essence
i steamed the carrot and mashed it(recipe called for carrot blended in food processor or blender, but i am halving the ingredients as only 1 carrot left), a packet of walnut
mixing flour mixture into egg mixture
adding carrot and walnut
quite a thick batter
turn out as a homely carrot cake, taste pretty good too. I am kinda undecided whether this carrot cake with walnut is better or the one with raisin is better. Both taste good, the carrot raisins loaf taste more moist mostly due to juicy raisins.
That concludes my carrot baking saga
the failed carrot cake
Carrot Raisin Loaf
and carrot cake with walnut


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