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Posted by vivien | Journal | Sunday 15 February 2009 11:39 am
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So i did highlighted my hair red, i wanted red and not knowing what red is the best, but also kinda want the reddest, the purest of all reds.
Did this in Kepong Metroprima APT for RM100, it is supposed to be RM80(stylist), RM100(???) and RM120(professional) depending the years of experience of person working on your head. Stylist has 2 years experience while professional has more than 5 years experience. I had to pay RM20 extra making it RM100 as the redder colours is not included in the Wella Koleston, and their suggested CID, also a Germany brand i suppose.
Wanted firey red, which is like your color pencil kinda red, but out of stock, and the hair stylist suggested grape red, so their it goes my hair. Grape red actually look bright purplish pink on the book, ewww, i afraid i look like some “lala” or worst punk… but trusted this stylist with well maintained kinda nicely coloured hair.
So my hair doesn’t look that red, it actually looks brown… ummm… anyway, i woke up today emoing ¬†and missing my black hair, what have i done to myself, good things i only highlighted it, thus they are still blacks.
I wonder why everybody ask me to straighten/rebond my hair, seriously, i know my hair is thick, unruly etc but at the moment, i will still not consider rebonding and fully colour hair, as it is probably damaging to the scalp, and who knows what side effects of those harsh chemical… anyway, highlighting is not so bad, as the hair colour doesn’t comes in contact with the scalp, (see above) the colours didn’t start at the scalp *consoling myself*
Once this grows out, i will probably try the reddest of all, just one or two section, not too much. Actually also considered blue too, but it will need bleaching *wonder bleach touch the scalp or not*, just 1 or 2 small sections if it comes to it.


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