Oyster King, The Gardens Shopping Mall, Midvalley City

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Saturday 14 November 2009 11:00 pm
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menu, Oyster king is a stall situated just between Ko Hyang Korean stall and Din Tai Fung taiwanese restaurant in The Gardens, Midvalley City.

frying oyster omelete

workers preparing food

takeaway box

a shot at the takeaway box

oyster ommelete

yummy goodness, taste like those found in Penang, slightly sticky, wet, spicy, big juicy oyster, RM6, very good.


Address: Oyster King

LG-K03B, The Gardens, Mid Valley City


Recipe: bread (a failed adventure)

Posted by vivien | Recipe | Sunday 8 November 2009 6:05 pm
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after knead

after kneading all the ingredients, recipe is from a recipe book at home.

proof for 40 mins

after proofing it in warm area for 40 minutes, doubled in size.

loaf tin

second proofing for about 45 minutes.

loaf tin2

after second proofing, double in size again

finished product

finished baking 30-35 mins

finished product 2

looks nice.

cross section

the strong bread protein structure is not there

super macro mode

super macro shot of the crumbly structure.


Post mortem:

– cause of this failed bread could be due to my incorrect mixing sequence, butter should be put in earlier, but i mixed it in when the bread is fully kneaded and springy(kneaded for about 5 minutes), and the butter unable to penetrate into it, thus i torn the bread into small pieces rubbing in the butter, that’s probably where the bread protein structure is disrupted and broken.


Testing out Olympus Mju 7000: scenery options for macro shots

Posted by vivien | Non-Food Related | Sunday 8 November 2009 5:57 pm
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Was testing out the preset scenery options of Olympus, below are some of the description of the options, also pics of camera pouch in macro position… testing out the clarity of macro and its background.

– Landscape: vivid reproductions of blues and greens

– Night: shooting illuminated scenes in evening or night, Uses lower shutter speed, stable the camera for best result

– Night portrait: shooting both subjust and illuminated background in evening, shutter speed is slowed

– Sport: capture fast moving without blurring

– Indoor: shoot both main subject and indoors

– Candle: shooting under candlelight, warm colors are reproduced

– Sunset: vivid reproduction of reds and yellows

– Fireworks: slower shutter speed

– Cuisine: for still life photography, vividly reproducte colors of fruits, flowers etc

– Document: increase contrast between letter and background

– Beach & snows: for shooting white sand sea scape and other whitish background.

Night Portrait

night portrait







Night Scene

night scene







Beach & Snow

beach & snow





Self Potrait

Self Portrait



I find “Cuisine” and “Document” take macro really well, although i find taking food pic with cuisine allows for better contrast and colors.

Whereas “Sunset” & “Landscape” will show background clearly. “Night scene” and “fireworks” works as well.


SS20 Fish Head Noodle, Damansara Kim

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 8 November 2009 5:31 pm
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damansara kim

Damansara Kim is in SS20, near Tropicana city mall. This stall is open on Monday – Sunday, 9:30am till 3:30pm

fish head noodle

only 1 lady cooking, prepare to wait for a while

main course

menu, i find their picture misleading, however they do wisely quote “actual dish may vary” at the bottom of the menu. And the dessert sago gula melaka comes with red bean in the above pic, but the actual order came without :\ that is quite a big variance.

drinks and dessert menu

drinks and dessert menu

2 drinks

herbal jelly/cincau on the left and longan drink to the drink, their drinks are sweeter than i would prefer.

cili padi

cili padi(bird eye chilis) which is coarsely blended, nice.

haruan fish noodle

my harun fish noodle with lai fun, RM9.80, you can opt for mee hoon type for RM9.50… Lai fun is usually used for assam laksa, it is too smooth for a fish noodle dish 🙁

fish paste noodle

Fish paste noodle, RM8

ice kacang

ABC/ice kacang/mixed ice dessert

sago dessert

sago gula melaka/tapioca balls with palm sugar coconut base


their soup is nice, but the lai fun is a turn off. My haruan fish is really fresh and thickly sliced. A lot of customer frequent this place.


Address: SS20 Fish Head Noodle

Gerai 17, Jalan SS20/10 Damansara Kim,

Business hours: 9:30am – 3:30pm


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Testing out tripod

Posted by vivien | Non-Food Related | Saturday 7 November 2009 6:23 pm
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shooting of macro camera pouch

less shake

trying to contain my breath, while holding the camera still, slightly clearer


ah with tripod is the way to go.


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