Home made Fish Head Noodle, Mid Valley megamall shopping centre

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This is my collegue and my favourite haunt in Mid valley. I always order their fresh fish head mee hoon which is non-fried fish with mee hoon. If you don’t fancy mee hoon, you can opt for fish paste with vegetable soup which comes with a lot of vegetables and no noodle.


They also have fish paste noodle(mee hoon or yee mee)


claypot porridge menu


Fried rice menu


They have 3 branches (Kota Damansara, Mid Valley and Subang Jaya SS15)


Fried Rice with shrimp and preserved vegetables, RM8.90, portion could be bigger, not bad


Fried Rice with chicken ham and salted fish, RM8.90


My favourite fresh fish(non-fried) fish head noodle, RM9.80. Their sour-spicy chilli condiment is very good as well. The soup is sourish and very appetising. You can opt for with evaporated milk or without.


Deep fried fish head noodle, RM9.80, lots of small bones in the fish. Surprisingly their fried fish have more bones than the non-fried ones.


Fish paste meehoon, RM9.80


Tofu rice, a square eggy tofu underneath the rice with sweet sour fish, topped with asparagus tempura.


Dried tossed udon(with a poached egg underneath) with a bowl of fish paste vege soup, ~RM14, a filling and healthy set as there are lots of vege in the soup


Lychee lemon plum drink, RM5.90, colleague mentioned it is a confused drink as it is sweet, sour and salty at the same time, don’t like it


Stir fried ramen with fish, RM10.80, quite like it as there are lots of fish in it, bamboo shoots in it as well.


Fresh fish with yee mee(fried egg noodle), RM9.80

One of the best fish head noodle which i have ever eaten.

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Estica Loves Food (in chinese)

Address: Home Made Fish Head noodle (same row with Delicious and Chilli’s)

G(E)-015, Tingkat Bawah,

Mid Valley City,

Lingkaran Syed Putra,

59200 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 03-2282 0216


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