Tommy Le Baker, Viva Residency, Jalan Ipoh

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My favourite bread is from here! I love their toasted baguette with camembert, made to order, will come here takeaway around once every 2 weeks or so


their display fridge filled with all the goodies, the lemon tart looks so nice although i have not tried it


bread counter filled with so many bread which looks really nice




cheese and drinks for sale, also available are F&N ginger ale, 100 plus, ice lemon tea etc


they have just moved to a bigger shot lot in Viva Residency last month


bigger areas


same bread display counter


our sandwich, egg sandwich and my cheese in bran bread, cos they ran out of baguette ):


2 sandwiches


yum, after trying their Camembert, brie and Pont l’eveque soft cheese, i prefer Camembert which is slightly more solid than brie.


my default takeaway order, yummy Camembert cheese baguette, RM10.60 with smears of butter and lots of tomato and some sauce which i don’t really know made of what, but yum. Freshly made and toasted, looks burnt, but can’t taste anything wrong with it, still as delicious


another takeway of cheese baguette. I did bought one plain baguette back, find it very extremely chewy to eat as it, i guess really have to toast it to turn chewy-teeth-pain texture to nice crispy exterior just like those toasted in their shop

Website: Tommy Le Baker

Facebook: Tommy Le Baker


Unit A-1-3A, Viva Residency, Jalan Ipoh,

3rd Mile Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur

Business hour: 8am-6pm Tuesday – Sunday <closed on Monday>

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