Rocku Yakiniku, One Utama Shopping Mall

Posted by vivien | Kuala Lumpur and Selangor | Sunday 24 January 2016 3:40 pm
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This restaurant has branch in Pavillion shopping mall and recently on December 2015 opened a new branch in One Utama Shopping mall.

I had not high hope for this place but was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. The seafood especially is the main draw for me to visit here again in future.


some of the items like chawanmushi are not in the order chit, not sure it is supposed to be available or not :S i think it is on the buffet area, but didn’t see it when we round it one time.


Lunch Weekday 11am – 5pm: RM39.90++

Lunch Weekend 11am – 5pm: RM49.90++

Dinner Weekday & Weekend 5pm – 11pm: RM49.90++


This is the only order chit. There are more items from the buffet area but i don’t find attractive.


pork platter, 3 slice each of pork belly & pork collar


seafood platter, 3 each of mussel, prawn, salmon, squid. The salmon is really nice big cubes and boneless! The prawn are very fresh as well


beef platter, the enoki with butter is very tasty


very small grill, share amoung 5 of us, too small of a grill, and 100 minutes is quite rush. Remember to be efficient, grilling stuff quickly, as 100 minutes pass by really fast…


our neighbour ordered so much scallop, the scallop is really fresh and meaty! Yum!


We ordered too much prawn


My birthday cake

Overall, really nice and fresh seafood like scallop, prawn, boneless salmon cubes, must go!

Address: Rocku Yakiniku
Lot F355/356/357, First Floor, Rainforest, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Telephone: 03-7710 9884


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